Oxford Gives 19th May 2020 - Application Form

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Application form Guidance

Thank you for your interest in applying to The Funding Network's upcoming Oxford Gives event, taking place from 6.15pm on Tuesday 19th May at Magdalen College, High Street, Oxford, OX1 4AU. 

Please read the below guidance before continuing with your application. 


What kind of organisations will be considered?

TFN supports not-for-profit organisations and projects that aim to achieve social change: they have the potential to enable enduring positive transformation for individuals, communities, society and/or the environment over the long term.  To see examples of previously funded non-profits, please visit our website.

In addition:

·        TFN does not support organisations which involve the promotion of any specific religion or political party.

·        Organisations do not have to be a registered charity but must be a registered not-for-profit with clearly stated charitable aims. 

·        Organisations should have an annual income of £500,000 or under, so that around £4,000 would make a useful contribution either to core costs or a particular piece of work. 

·       For our this event, TFN will only accept applications from organisations which work in Oxfordshire or have their national / international office based in that region.

Organisations already funded by TFN may re-apply after at least one year’s gap. If an application is not successful at the Selection Panel it may be resubmitted. Organisations which have received funding from TFN on multiple occasions may find it more difficult to secure further funding - if you would like to discuss your options before completing your application please contact jennie@thefundingnetwork.org.uk.


What is the role of the sponsor? 

TFN was created as a network of people interested in giving to social change organisations, and the requirements for "sponsoring" an application reflect this. The Sponsor must know your work well, but not be paid by your organisation. If selected, your Sponsor must be prepared to publicly pledge at least £250 to your organisation / project and speak in support of it on the night. These requirements are designed to be an indication that they are confident the organisation / project is sound and would spend the money wisely.


Sponsors may not be in the paid employ of an organisation that they sponsor; other kinds of personal affiliation, such as trustee, mentor, or volunteer relationships, are entirely acceptable.


Application Process

Please complete the following application form by 23.59 on Thursday 27th February. If you would like feedback on your application before submitting, please contact Jennie by 1pm on Tuesday 18th February at the very latest - we can access your form remotely, but you will need to notify us and let us know any specific questions. There is the option to save the form and access it via your email address and a password so that multiple people can work on the application.


When completing your application please do not provide links to other reading or documents. Your application will only be assessed on the information provided in the application form and our subsequent due diligence. 


Selection Process

The selection process has two parts - all applications are initially read and scored against criteria to create a shortlist. Shortlisted applicants are then invited to a five-minute phone call with our panel - these calls will take place between 3.30 - 5.30pm Tuesday 10th March. This is designed in part to judge the ability of your proposed presenter and it is therefore essential that they be available for this call. All applicants are informed of the outcome a few days after this meeting. 


Typically four organisations will be selected to present at this event, with the aim of getting a good variety of issues. TFN always receives more applications than slots available and it is a competitive environment but will we endeavour to give feedback to both selected and rejected applicants.


Preparing for the event

Selected presenters are required to attend a workshop with the TFN team prior to the event to help prepare their pitch. The date for this will be confirmed closer to the time. You are welcome to bring one additional person from your organisation with you to the session. 

What information will you be asked for? 

The TFN application is broken down into four sections:
  • Organisation Details
  • Your Application
  • Financial Information
  • Monitoring Information
Organisation Details:
Organisation contact details
Organisation set-up (or intended set-up)
Social media details (if any)
Presenter information
Name of Sponsor 
*Documents needed: if you are a registered company limited by shares, we'll need your articles of association

Your Application:
Aim of your organisation (30 words)
Aim of the project for which you are seeking funding (30 words)
Background to your project and organisation (100 words)
What problem is the project addressing? (100 words)
What is the purpose of the funding you are applying for? (drop down options)
How will your project address the need identified? (250 words)
How many people will your project directly reach? And who are they? (30 words)
If applicable, how many people will your project indirectly reach? And who are they? (30 words)
Project budget (attachment upload)
Please explain what you would do with a contribution from TFN. (200 words)
What social change will this project achieve and how do you plan to assess this? (200 words)
Sponsors note (100 words)

Financial Information:
What is your annual turnover for the last full financial year? (30 words)
What is your projected income for the current financial year? (30 words)
What are your main sources of funding and how long are these secured for? (50 words)
What is your reserves policy? (100 words)
What is your current level of free reserves? (50 words)
*Documents needed: most recent annual accounts or budget/cash flow/management accounts in lieu of these

Monitoring Information:
Location you work in
Beneficiary group you support
Need you address
If you work with vulnerable people, do you have a safeguarding policy in place? 
Details of your current Trustees/Directors, occupations and dates appointed (if any)
*Documents needed: a publicity photograph (if available)

Page 3 - Organisation Details

edit hint text

TFN will only support organisations limited by shares if it is written into their governing documents that 100% of any profits are reinvested back into the organisation. We will not support organisations if they have the potential to pay dividends to non-charity shareholders now, or in the future. To confirm your status please attach your Articles of Association.

Please provide an outline of your organisation structure and how you meet TFN's criteria of being not for profit with charitable aims.

Page 4 - Your Application

A very brief description of the mission and objectives of your organisation

A very brief description of the project.

Why was your organisation created? What does your existing work do?

What is the need and how have you identified this? Why is your project important? Include any measurements that have been taken to verify the problem - statistics, your own or independent research etc

What is your solution to the problem you have identified? Unless this is a new project please mention what you have achieved in the last year and give evidence of your track record. Outline how your project will work and if you have a compelling sum that shows how funding your project would save resources elsewhere please include this.

Indirect beneficiaries include: wider family, community, etc

How will you assess the impact of the project? What results do you expect to see - do you have any evidence that your solution will solve the problem you have identified? If this is an existing project please provide details of your impact to date.

Please explain how you would spend up £3,000 - £5,000 (a brief budget is useful) and provide an explanation of how you plan to raise any money not raised at TFN.

A brief statement from your sponsor outlining why he/she thinks your organisation is worth support, and details of any affiliation between the sponsor and the organisation.

Page 5  - Financial Information

Page 6 - Monitoring Information

This should be a photo which brings your project to life and will be used by the TFN team in publicity materials should you be selected for the event.

Please select the country where your work takes place. If this is across more than one country, please select the option where this specific project will operate. If your work is global then please select the global option.

Please provide details of your Trustees or organisation Directors, their current occupation and the date they were appointed to your board. 
Name Occupation Date Appointed