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Foundation for Jewish Camp is thrilled to announce that past Cornerstone Fellowship participants are eligible for small grants to create Jewish experiences for their peers and local communities.

The Cornerstone Fellowship is about building leaders and helping camp staff see themselves as Jewish educators. We aim to assist alumni of the program to take their ideas and experience even further,

amplifying Jewishness in their communities, with the support of Cornerstone Alumni Grants.

The grant amounts can vary from idea to idea. We anticipate the average grant will be between $100 and $300 for a one-time program or ongoing event series, though grants could be larger. In some cases, FJC will even help grantees plan the event!

BEFORE proceeding to the application, please review our eligibility guidelines and details about the grant award process on our website :

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Tell Us About Yourself

Camps are listed alphabetically by official name, i.e. "URJ Camp Kalsman," "Camp Ramah in Wisconsin," "Camp Young Judaea Texas," "NJY Camps - Ceder Lake Camp," etc..

Please double check the drop-down list before choosing this option!

Important and time-sensitive information is be sent via email, so please share an email you check regularly!

Number to best reach you at if we have questions.

Please use the address you'll be primarily living at during this event.

Include apartment, suite, or floor number.

Details of Your Idea: What, When, Where

Please describe in 1-2 sentences. For example: “film screening and discussion," “virtual Jewish book club with my Cornerstone cohort," “Interfaith dialogue in the sukkah on campus," etc.

Here are some examples: "Jewish culinary education provides a unique way for people to engage with their Judaism and develop a new skill (cooking!). People will be able to take recipes home and share with others, thereby impacting an even greater audience. Participants will learn the importance of teamwork and build stronger bonds with each other while working in the kitchen." / "Through this 10-week program, we hope that students will leave with a stronger connection to Israel- whether it is biblical, social, cultural, or political, we hope that these sessions create bonds for each student to the Jewish state. In addition, we are striving for students to be complete this program with a reinforced ability to discuss Israel as Jews. Students should be empowered to speak up about the relationship between Israel and the Jewish people, as well as continue to learn and ask questions about Israel and Judaism."

If happening once, tell us the anticipated date. 
If happening more than once, tell us the anticipated date of the FIRST of the series. 

Please describe in detail, for example: a specific university/college, a city community center, online or virtually, someone's backyard, etc.

Others Involved

Consider if it might be beneficial to partner with your local community, university Hillel, Moishe House, JCC, synagogue, youth movement, Federations, Reboot, OneTable, Honeymoon Israel, etc.
More Specific Details

Include any Jewish content and the details of who you're hoping to impact.

Need a reminder of what can and cannot be eligible for reimbursement with this grant award? 

Please complete an estimated projected itemized budget. (All amounts should be in US Dollars.)

Consider asking local organizations, partners, or community members to use facilities.

Note: grants may not be used to cover cost for alcohol. See the website for other eligibility restrictions.

Please refer to the website for expense eligibility. (Grants cannot cover personal salaries, school expenses, office rental, etc.)

Amount in USD.

Amount in USD. For details on eligibility, please refer to the website.

Be specific! (Are you interested in engaging undergraduate students interested in Hillel, community members curious about Israeli history, young adults without children, families with young kids, fellow college students from my Cornerstone cohort, etc.?)

Application Submission
As a reminder, if your application is selected, Cornerstone Alumni Grants are distributed as reimbursements and only after FJC has received the following: a post-event Reflection Report, detailed receipt/expense descriptions, all receipts and invoices, photographs from the experience, and any other items requested. FJC reserves the right to share information about your project, including but not limited to your photos, name, any information written in reports, other details about the event, as well as the application and reflection process.