Clinical Skills Lab Facilitator Sign-up Form

The OHSU School of Medicine is seeking enthusiastic and interested faculty who will serve as a stable cohort of teachers over a minimum of one term (9-14 weeks) or several terms throughout the year. Instructors will be teaching the case-based curriculum developed around the clinical threads of professionalism, ethics, communication, patient interviewing and physical exam, clinical reasoning, informatics, epidemiology, quality, safety and health policy. Click here to read more about the Curriculum Transformation. 


Faculty will be asked to sign up for an 1½ or 3 hour commitment each week and will stay with that group throughout the term. Facilitators will work with a small group of 9-12 students each term. We are hoping facilitators will get to know the students in their sections well and have continuity to improve the teaching and learning environment. Facilitators will be asked to complete a brief evaluation of their students in the middle and at the end of each term. Anyone holding an MD, PhD, DO, PA-C or NP degree may teach these sessions.


These are the positions available for teaching clinical skills:

Clinical Context Skills: Communication skills and discussion of contextual issues such as health policy, professionalism, ethics, informatics, epidemiology, quality, safety and social determinants of health (Winter term has an emphasis in epidemiology).

Clinical Assessment & Management Skills: Physical examination skills, patient interviewing, diagnostic reasoning, presentations and case discussions.


If a 3-hour commitment per week is not feasible, you may either choose between a 1½-hour block or share a group with a colleague. See below for available times and days.

Instructor Information

If you are a community instructor and are not officially affiliated with OHSU or the VA, please enter "Community."

Summer/Fall (August 6 - December 3, 2019)

Winter (January 7 - March 18, 2020)

Spring (April 1 - July 21, 2020)

Additional Information

Preferred instructor pairings, days you know you will be absent, etc