SIR International Visiting Professor Program Application for Host Society

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Society of Interventional Radiology

Instructions for application.

National, regional or local radiology societies, universities, or hospitals in, or that primarily serve developing countries are invited to apply to host an international visiting professor (IVP) team.  The host institution will select and organize visits to hospitals that have active interventional radiology training programs with the need and potential for educational enrichment from an international visiting professor team. If desired, the IVP team will also lecture at the host's national or regional radiology society meeting.

The host institution is expected to:
  • Provide complimentary hotel accommodations and most meals to the international visiting professor for the duration of their visit.
  • Appoint a contact who is fluent in English and able to communicate program, schedule, and hospitality arrangements with the IVP and the SIR staff contact.
  • Complete an evaluation of the visiting professor and the program within four weeks of the IVP visit.

The host hospital is expected to:

  • Appoint a contact who is fluent in English and able to communicate and act as a liaison to the visiting professor and SIR staff through the duration of the program.
  • Complete an evaluation of the visiting professor and the program within four weeks of the IVP visit.

Application requirements:

Applications must be completed and submitted jointly by the national, regional, or local radiology society, university or host hospital. Along with your application please include a proposed one to two week schedule for an IVP visit.

Submitting your application and supporting documentation:

Application and all supporting materials should be submitted electronically to Shams Iqbal (If the materials cannot be submitted electronically, please mail a hard copy to Society of Interventional Radiology, 3975 Fair Ridge Drive, Ste 400 North, Fairfax, Virginia, 22033, USA.

Learn more about this program, including eligibility and requirements at this link  For questions, contact the SIR Giveback team at 703-460-5574 or email Shams Iqbal

1.  Host Institution Information:

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Educational Needs:
Should your institution be selected to host a visiting professor team, the SIR committee will appoint expert professor's based on the educational needs identified in your application. Please work with the proposed hospital institution(s) listed in your application to identify the educational needs that the visiting professor will address during their visit. Please follow the directions below:
  • Within the subspecialty list below, rank the top three subspecialty areas you would like the visiting professor to cover.
  • To further define the educational need(s) of your learners, check the modalities that you would like the visiting professor to cover (for each of your ranked subspecialties). (this step is optional)
                                                                 Procedure Specialty

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Housing and Transportation:

For further information, please contact SIR Giveback team at (703) 460-5574 or email Shams Iqbal

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