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Commitment to the Apple Corps Leaders Program
I, hereby commit to the mission of the Houston Food Bank in Leading the Fight Against Hunger. As an Apple Corps Leader, I will
  • Be at least nineteen year old and commit to volunteer at least two shifts per month for a period of one year.
  • Attend an initial Orientation & Safety session and Building Tour before my first shift as an ACL.
  • Server at least once in each of the following volunteer areas: Portwall Volunteer Production (i.e., Carousel, Repack, Prep Room, Emergency Food Pantry), Teacher Aid and/or Keegan Kitchen.  
  • Model Professionalism at all times, and adhere to applicable dress codes.
  • Attend quarterly meetings for ongoing training, and to contribute feedback in ACL-led meetings.
  • Be a dedicated ambassador for the Houston Food Bank.
  • Attend the annual ACL Recognition Luncheon or Dinner.
  • Authorize the Houston Food Bank to obtain a report from Verified Volunteers containing back-ground information about me.

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Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement
I, do hereby acknowledge that during my volunteer service for the Houston Food Bank, I will have access to confidential information. I agree that i shall not disclose any such confidential information maintained by the Houston Food Bank to any unauthorized person. I will handle and retain information in a secure work area, free from view of others, at all times while in my possession. I acknowledge that a proven breach of confidence could be cause for the removal from my volunteer position.

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ACL Mandatory Background Check Instructions
ACLs are often called upon to be the face of the HFB at on-site and/or off-site events, may be placed in positions with direct client contact, or may handle sensitive information in some HFB departments.

In our efforts to ensure the highest possible level of protection for both the HFB and for ACLs, Volunteer Services requires a Criminal Background Check (CBC) for both new and veteran ACLs. The HFB has partnered with Verified Volunteers for this purpose.

The cost of a Verified Volunteers CBC is $9.00. ACLs can choose to pay for some or all of the cost (another way to support the HFB). If you are unable to pay, the cost will be covered by the HFB. Once completed you can share your CBC with other organization with whom you volunteer, provided they also use Verified Volunteers.

Please go to to initiate the CBC. Click on "Get Started," then click "Start My Background Check." The GOODDEED code you will need is: yunn4ou