25 Breast Race Submission

Pre-competitive virtual meets allow pre-competitive swimmers the opportunity to be recognized for achievement and improvement, and to allow them the experience of competition at a pre-competitive level. Mixed gender single age category awards will be awarded based on the fastest time achieved.

Note: We ask coaches to be as honest as possible when uploading results. If your swimmer did not legally earn their time, please do not upload their time to be considered. We want all swimmers to have an equal opportunity to be recognized for their achievements.

Swimmers must have a legal start and a legal finish; this includes a dive from the block, edge, or a push off.


To be eligible for the virtual meets swimmers must:
  • Age 10 or under at the start of the swim season.
  • Registered as non-competitive with a Swimming Canada pre-competitive program.
  • Swimmers who upgrade to a competitive registration through the swim season may submit results to complete the program.

Time format must be in seconds.

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