Tiger Challenge - Propose a Topic

Thank you so much for suggesting a Tiger Challenge topic! We're looking forward to reviewing the proposed topic and getting back to you shortly. 

What we’re looking for in our challenges:
•Open-ended: There should be infinite possible directions for the project; we’re looking for divergent, unanswered challenges. If you have a solution in mind, take a step back and ask, “What’s the problem I’m looking to solve, and would it be best to start by learning more about the dynamics of the challenge?”

•Human-centered: The challenge should hinge on the behaviors and experiences of people. The underlying question should be “how do we improve the experience for ________?” and/or “how can we encourage more people to _________?”

•Important: The challenge should inspire Princeton students. Teams are comprised of 4-6 students from different majors.

•Accessible: Who are the stakeholders involved, and is it feasible for us to interact with them in the NYC-NJ-Philly corridor?

•Flexible: Design thinking projects often pivot based on insights uncovered; you should be open to evolving directions based on the insights the team uncovers.

Check all that apply