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Guidance for completing this form
This form is for completion by organisations seeking funding from Laureus Sport for Good.

We are interested in supporting NGOs/CBOs that intentionally use sport to address social issues aligned to Sport for Good’s areas of focus.

In alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we are working towards transforming children and young people’s lives in the following social focus areas:

1. Health: Enhancing mental wellbeing/encouraging healthy behaviour change
2. Education: Supporting quality of and access to education
3. Employability: Increasing employability and creating pathways to employment
4. Women and Girls: Promoting equality, empowerment and safety
5. Peaceful society: Resolving conflict, community peace-building and the creation of safe spaces
6. Inclusive Society: Creating communities which embrace ethnic, cultural and physical differences

Our Vision


A South Africa where children and youth have safe-spaces to learn and opportunities to change their lifestyles through the implementation of high quality and innovative Sport for Development programmes.


Our Mission

Laureus aims to fund, support programmes and strengthen the sport for development sector through purpose driven collaboration by using sport for the benefit of children and youth. 


About your Organisation

Your Contact Details
Your Idea
Please describe how your organisation uses sport to address violence, discrimination and disadvantage in your community. Please include: 
1. A summary of the needs you address (specifying which of our social focus areas is relevant) and how these needs were identified
2. The methods you use in your programme to address this need
3. The scale and geography of your work 
4. Key achievements so far
5. Why you think your work is a good fit with Sport for Good 
6. The future objectives of a potential partnership
Please reference any external research or evaluations (where possible) to back up information submitted in this section. Please use no more than 700 words.