Terms and Conditions for Masa Israel's Grants and Scholarships

I, the undersigned, am participating in a Masa Approved Program organized by a Masa

Approved Organizer, (hereafter: 'the Program' and 'the Organizer'), under the auspices of Masa Israel Journey (hereafter: 'the Company'). Masa Israel is a joint initiative by the Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Note: For Participants younger than 18, a Parent/Guardian must sign on their behalf.

I hereby agree, declare and accept that:


A.   I will remain in Israel until the end of the Program. I will not travel abroad unless permitted to do so, or during my free time during the course of the Program, in accordance with Masa Israel’s terms and the conditions laid down by the Organizer, and on condition that the vacation is not taken at the start and/or at the end of the program.


B.   I understand that the total duration of a vacation during the program will not exceed two weeks in programs up to and including six months long and one month in programs longer than six months. Vacation days set in the program schedule and days of Chol HaMoed will be considered part of the total of vacation days.

A participant’s late arrival in the program or early departure from the program will not be considered participation days, for all intents and purposes.

If I arrive in Israel after the start date of the Program or leave Israel before the Program’s end date, I understand that this will result in a pro-rata reduction in the financial aid I am entitled to from Masa.


I accept that any vacation time I take over and above the allowable maximum as described above will result in a pro-rata reduction in the financial aid I am entitled to from Masa Israel.


C.   In order to attend the Program I will pay my part of the costs, i.e. the cost of the program, less the Masa Israel’s financial assistance for which I am eligible.


D.   I will convey to the Organizer, in writing or verbally, all relevant information pertaining to my legal status in Israel. I will provide all necessary documents attesting to my status. I will also advise the Organizer of any change in my legal status.


E.   I will participate fully in all activities, meetings, tours and hikes included in the Program, especially (but not only) main Masa Israel events, as determined by the Company.


F.    I am aware of all my obligations, privileges and limitations regarding my stay in Israel during the Program, especially (but not only) as they pertain to safety and security instructions.

This applies equally whether I am on campus (or another base of activities), on hikes, during my free time, at organized host family events, or during travel and visits abroad, in accordance with the guidelines provided by the organizer that appear as Appendix D in the information pamphlet provided by the Program Organizer.


G.   I am aware that the Company is giving me financial assistance by the way of sharing in the Program costs, and that the Company receives it’s funding from the Government of Israel and The Jewish Agency for Israel.


H.   I am aware that the Company is not obligated to assist me financially, even if I successfully complete all the necessary requirements. In the event that I apply for financial assistance, the Company has the sole right to decide whether or not this assistance will be granted.


I.     I am aware that the Company has no responsibilities or obligations to me with regards to academic and/or other credit for the Program.


J.    I am aware that if I breach any of these terms I will not be entitled for any financial assistance; and the Organizer will pro-rata refund the Company all monies that were paid to the Organizer for my participation in the Program. The Company and/or the Organizer has the right to demand and receive from me the full amount of financial assistance that was paid to the Organizer on my behalf, which was provided as a discount for my participation fees in the Program.


K.   The financial assistance provided by Masa is a sum of money granted to a participant (through the organizer) in an approved and recognized Masa Program. Financial assistance is divided into two types:


·         A uniform grant provided to every participant, according to country of origin and type of program for which the participant arrives, in accordance with Masa’s financial assistance policy which changes periodically.

·         A need-based scholarship provided to participants requesting this assistance, who meet the criteria set for this purpose. The sum of financial assistance will be adjusted to match the duration of the program.

The sum of financial assistance will be individually determined for each participant, based on inspection of the participant’s needs and according to the criteria determined and published periodically. The method for determining eligibility will be differential, the criteria being the participant’s country of origin, personal financial situation, age and duration of the program. These criteria may change periodically in accordance with Masa’s scholarship policy.

The financial assistance will only be provided to participants for one activity year.

In cases of partial participation in the program, the financial assistance will be calculated according to the length of participation, and as long as the participant remained in the program for at least two months. A participant who remained in the program less than two months will not be eligible for any financial assistance from Masa.

Masa’s full financial assistance policy is available on Masa’s website and is distributed to the organizers for consideration in conferences and publications. This policy is determined by the Company Board of Directors and Steering Committee. The policy undergoes periodic changes and it is my responsibility to remain updated on the current policy at relevant times. The Company reserves the right to change its financial assistance policy up to the time enrollment to the program begins.


L.    I am aware of the following deadlines in applying for Masa Israel’s financial assistance:

Submitting requests for financial assistance - grants and/or need-based scholarships - is permitted only up until the official start of the program. A participant who submits a request after this time will not be eligible for any financial assistance.

The documents required for a need-based scholarship request must be submitted in full (see below) up to ten days after the official start of the program.

The Masa Visa (A2) may be submitted up to a month into the duration of your program. More details on obtaining this Visa available with your program organizer.

If the documents are not submitted by the said times, the participant will not be eligible for a need-based scholarship.

Financial assistance will be granted according to the available Masa budget at the time of the full submission of all required documents.

For any request for financial assistance I must submit my passport number at the beginning of the program, or I will lose my eligibility for financial assistance.


M.   I accept that it is my responsibility to confirm with the Organizer if my program is classified as a regular program or a “Personal Program”, when a “Personal program is defined as following:

·         Each participant has a personal arrival and departure date that significantly differs from that of other program participants (more than several days apart).

·         Program content is personalized for each participant, and is to be at least 20 weekly hours.

·         Each participant will receive Masa’s required educational program in a manner proportionate to the length of their program, as defined in the educational chapter in this Bylaws manual.

I am aware that if I participate for a period of less than 2 months in a regular program / 4 months in a Personal program I will not be entitled for any financial assistance.

If I leave the Program after a period of less than noted above for any reason, I will refund the Program any monies paid by the Company to the Program.


N.    I am aware that if I change my status to become an “Oleh” (Immigrant) or a “Toshav Ara’i” (Temporary Resident) during the course of the Program, my financial assistance will be reduced and pro-rated according to the period before the status change.


O.   I acknowledge that details of my participation in the Program will be transferred by the Organizer to the Company.


P.   I agree to allow the Company and/or any other who is authorized to request in the name of the Company, to turn to the Ministry of Interior of the Government of Israel and/or other official relevant authorities, so as to obtain information of my status in Israel, and in general, as it relates and pertains to my date(s) of entry(ies) to Israel and/or date(s) of departure(s) from Israel.


Q.   I am aware that neither the Company, nor the Government of Israel, nor the Jewish Agency for Israel can in any way be held responsible for and have no obligation towards my participation in the Program and/or any other matter that pertains to this agreement. I hereby waive all complaints, demands and/or claims relating to the above. Should I decide nevertheless to submit a claim to the Company, the Government of Israel, or the Jewish Agency for Israel, I will reimburse them in full for any amount they are required to pay for damage or loss incurred by them as the result of my claim and/or as the result of breaching or otherwise failing to comply with the terms of my commitment as laid out here and/or according to law. This compensation will also extend to any legal costs and expenses that are incurred for any of the above reasons.


R.   I am aware that receipt of financial assistance is subject to the Organizer signing an agreement with the Company and to the Organizer's compliance with the provisions of that agreement.


S.   In addition, I am aware that receipt of financial assistance from the Company is also subject to the existence of an approved budget for the Company both in the budget of the Jewish Agency for Israel and in the Israeli Government’s National Budget.


T.    I am aware that if the combined amount of financial assistance from both the Company and other financial sources exceeds the cost of the Program (including the cost of room and board), the Company may offset the difference between the cost of the Program and the total amount of financial assistance I am entitled to from the financial assistance I am entitled to from the Company.


U.    (i) I accept that all of the above will apply in full to another Masa approved Program and Organizer in the event that I transfer from my originally chosen Program to another Masa approved program, or continue with another Masa approved semester program on the completion of my originally chosen Masa approved semester program.

(ii) I understand that to transfer or continue in a second semester program is only permitted where the time period between the end date of my original program and the start date of my second program does not exceed 4 months and that all conditions as at the start of the original program will pertain to the second program as to age and funding eligibility.

(iii) I understand that because there may be differences in categorization between my original Program of choice and the second Program, my participation duration in the original Program and that of the second Program may affect my classification as a “Masa Participant”, and I undertake to clarify this status personally with all relevant parties in both programs (the original Program and the second Program) and ensure that I still meet all that is required of me as a “Masa Participant”, and I shall not approach Masa and/or anyone assigned on Masa’s behalf with any complaint and/or demand regarding this classification (in the event that, for any reason, my financial assistance will be reduced from what I received for participation in the original Program).


(iiii) I understand that I will be permitted to transfer between programs during my stay in Israel and the organizer must allow me to do so. The remainder of the financial assistance for which I am eligible will remain available to me, and will be calculated according to the time of leaving a program relative to the length of the program. The arrangements concerning my termination of participation before the end of the program are to be detailed in the document defining the reciprocal relationship between the organizer and myself.


V.   I give Masa permission to:

ü  Share the information in my application form with donors, potential donors, the Government of Israel, Birthright, the Jewish Agency for Israel and my Program Organizer.

ü  Use photos taken of me at Masa and Masa-affiliated events in its publications, press releases, and/or on the Masa website.

ü  Use my email, home address or phone number to contact me.


W.   I am aware and agree that applying to Masa Israel may require a registration fee of 50$. The fee is susceptible to changes and will be determined from time to time by the company.

I am aware that if applying requires a registration fee, it will be returned if I participate in over 2 months of the program and by request only. In that case requests must be submitted no later than the 31.12 of the year of the program.