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Scholarship applications are due by January 17, 2020 for Tufts in Talloires, March 6, 2020 for Tufts Summit, and March 13, 2020 for Tufts in Annecy. Scholarship applicants will be notified of awards before respective program deposit deadlines.


Scholarships of up to half of the program fee are awarded based on academic merit and financial need. Factors taken into consideration for scholarship awards include G.P.A., civic-mindedness, travel experience, the scholarship essay, and the scholarship interview. Scholarships are available only to current Tufts University students and to qualified high school students applying to the Tufts Summit Program. Priority for the Tufts in Talloires and Simches Scholarships for Tufts in Annecy is given to those Tufts University students with at least a 3.0 cumulative G.P.A. who receive financial aid. Scholarship applicants must submit a completed registration form and the $75 registration fee.

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The following scholarships are provided to Tufts in Talloires students along with generous donations from our alumni and friends.
- MacJannet Scholarships are awarded annually to promote international understanding through summer study abroad. These scholarships are named in honor of Donald and Charlotte MacJannet, the Tufts alumnus and his wife who made the Tufts Summer Programs in the French Alps possible by donating the building and grounds which now comprise Tufts’ campus in the Talloires. MacJannet Scholarships are funded by Tufts in Talloires alumni and friends of the European Center as well as by the MacJannet Foundation.

- The Michael B. Slone, A89 Endowed Scholarship for Talloires was established to provide a deserving Tufts student with the opportunity to attend the Tufts in Talloires program. Mike spent the summer of 1987 in Talloires and his time there fueled his avid curiosity and passion for overseas travel and global cultural experiences. The scholarship was started by his family and friends in hope is that the Tufts students who become Slone Scholarship recipients view their Talloires enrollment as the start of a lifelong journey of cultural exploration and global experience.

- The Nathan & Shirley Brodsky/Hady Amr, A88 Scholarship for Tufts in Talloires is awarded annually to first-generation college students, who have a demonstrated financial need and have never lived in Europe. Hady Amr, A88 studied in Talloires when he was a student and this scholarship was created so future generations of Tufts students can benefit from the cultural immersion, personal exploration, and inspiring beauty of studying abroad in Tallories.

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The following scholarships are provided to Tufts in Annecy students along with generous donations from our alumni and friends.
- Seymour Simches Scholarships are named after Professor Seymour Simches, the first director of the European Center, and are awarded to Tufts students who display a strong desire to improve his/her French by participating in the Tufts in Annecy program.

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The following scholarships are provided to Tufts Summit students along with generous donations from our alumni and friends.
- Kaufman Scholarships are awarded annually to deserving young students chosen to participate in the Tufts Summit Program in Talloires. These scholarships are named in honor of Richard and Elaine Kaufman (J46), who created an endowed fund to support and promote international understanding by encouraging American students to study at the Tufts European Center and live with French families.

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For the following section, please write your answers on a separate word document and attach the form prior to completion of this form.

1. List any scholarships and/or amounts and sources of financial aid you are currently receiving (if any).

2. Briefly, describe any scholastic distinctions or honors you have been awarded.

3. Indicate from which sources (i.e., wages from work prior to departure, parents, savings, etc.) you will obtain the balance of the fees, including the necessary spending money for books and day-to-day expenses while participating in the program.

4. List cocurricular and/or community activities you are currently involved in. Include specific events and/or accomplishments (such as musical instruments played, varsity letters earned, etc.).

5. List work experience (or attach resumé) and/or summer programs you have previously attended.

6. Please explain in 500–1,000 words why you are you applying for a scholarship to the program you have selected. Detail any specific circumstances you feel may be relevant to your scholarship request.

7. Please discuss your educational and career objectives and what you hope to get out of the program you have selected.

For Tufts Summit applicants only:

Parents/guardians, please mail or fax financial information to: 
Tufts European Center, 108 Packard Ave, Medford, MA 02155-7049, USA or by FAX 617-627-3457

Note: Applicants for scholarships to Tufts in Talloires and to Tufts in Annecy will be invited for a short interview to complete the application process.
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