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By completing the board profile below, you are providing us information about your board of directors we can use with interested board candidates. This information is required to participate in any of our board matching services.Taking the time to answer the questions below accurately and thoughtfully helps greatly with candidate interest. 

An Executive Director, Development Director, or someone who works closely with the board is best positioned to complete this information.   Questions, email 
Organization Name

**It is critical that you enter your organization's name below exactly as you did when submitting the nonprofit profile. We ask every organization to confirm how to enter their name by searching on THIS LIST before entering below.  This list will let you see how you submitted it to BVM. 
Board Demographics

In the fields below, provide an estimated PERCENTAGE of who comprises your board in terms of gender, race, and seniority.   
Emerging Mid Senior Executive  Retired Client Rep.
% of board in stages  of career 
Emerging= Early career professionals
Mid= Management
Senior= Directors and Department Heads
Executive= C-level 
Retired= professional skills, no longer working
Client Rep.= Community members or clients impacted by organization
Board Logistics
Select if your board meets the following criteria
Board Needs
Board Culture and Activities
Additional Leadership Opportunities
Your Commitment 
Our program is successful due to the timeliness and responsiveness of the nonprofits that we match our business partners, volunteers, and candidates with. Below are a series of statements that we would like to ensure that you understand. Please initial each statement after you read them. 

Please click "submit" below before exiting the page. Thank you for completing the Business Volunteers Board Profile.