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  • 4 Credits of Electives
  • $70 per credit after 4
  • Credits can be applied
    to next academic year. 
A $400 value, or more if you take advantage of all of the benefits!
  • 3 Credits of Electives
  • $70 per credit after 3
  • Credits cannot be applied
    to next academic year. 
A $300 value, or more if you take advantage of all of the benefits!
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Credit Purchase: You are purchasing credits for use exclusively during the current school year (extending from September 2020 through May of 2021). Classes have credit values of 1 or 2 credits per course; please refer to our course catalog at for credit values of various courses. Additional credits after those purchased today will be invoiced as needed at an additional $70 per credit, a savings of $30 per credit.

Non-Transferrable: Credits may not be transferred to another person. The credits you purchase here are good for exclusively for classes in the 2020-2021 course catalog. If you need to (or wish to) take additional classes next year, you may do so at the student per-credit rate. 

Refunds: We cannot issue refunds for this package. 

Work-Ahead Option: Students who purchase the 4 Credit Package may take electives during the current school year and apply those to their requirements for next school year. 

Transferring Credits: Upon full enrollment in Interfaith Seminary or Interspiritual Counseling beginning next September, the credits you complete (minimum of 3during the current school year will be applied to next year's Seminary or Interspiritual Counseling requirements. Credits are not transferable to any other school year. 

Receiving Credit: Students who participate live in the NYC classroom or by live Videoconference will automatically receive credit for their work on their records once they have enrolled in Seminary or ISC. Students who learn by recordings (those who cannot be on the Live Videoconference or in the classroom) must additionally submit a one-page paper for each class, summarizing their learning in order to receive their credit(s). These papers must be accepted and reviewed by the student's dean or advisor. 

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