CBI Youth Group CONFIDENTIAL Scholarship Application Form

Thank you for your interest in participating in a CBI Youth Group event. Congregation Beth Israel is committed to encouraging our youth to participate in ATeed, ATT Jr, Austin Temple Teens (ATT), NFTY-TOR and NFTY activities as a way for building friendships and developing future Jewish leaders. The congregations' goal is to be able to offer financial assistance so that no one misses an event due to inability to pay.
Any 4th-12th grader, whose family is in good standing with CBI, may apply for a scholarship to attend any local, regional or national youth group event.
Applications are due at least one week prior to the event (local) or early registration deadline (regional/national). Please take into account all registration and transportation fees when requesting an amount. Families must also fill out the Greene Family Camp scholarship form for regional & national events as well. The same amount requested should be listed on both applications.

The CBI Youth group scholarship fund is replenished through Internet Cafe sales and other donations.

This is a confidential process and no financial information will be asked, except for how much you are able to contribute.

For more information, please contact Carly Cera, CBI Director of Community Engagement.

Applicant & Family Information
Event Information
We certify that all information contained in this scholarship application is true and correct to the best of our knowledge. We understand that there are obligations if we are awarded a scholarship.
1. My/Our child will be engaged in the event and have a great time! 
2. If my/our child decides not to go, or we have to cancel, I/we understand that I/we may be responsible for reimbursing the donor fund if a full refund from the event is not possible. We will inform the Youth Group Advisor of any changes in our plans with regard to attendance at this event. 
3. My/Our child will find a way to say thank you or give back. Volunteering at Internet Cafe, continuing to be an active youth group member and encouraging others to participate are a few great, anonymous ways to do this.