Technical Solutions Fund Interest Form

Grounded Solutions Network
October 2017 Update: All 2017 TSF funds have been allocated. Please use this form to indicate your interest in applying for future funds and stay tuned for a new and improved funding opportunity for 2018! We will contact you once details are released!

Program Overview: Grounded Solutions Network created the Technical Solutions Fund with the goal of solving technical problems and enhancing program sustainability for our members, who administer programs that keep homes and community assets affordable for the long term. Award types include technical assistance services, training delivery, peer exchange stipends and grants. Through the Technical Solutions Fund, Grounded Solutions seeks to support members in three main areas: Sustainability & Growth, Program Design & Improvement, and Advocacy & Event Sponsorships*. These areas reflect the intersection of common member requests and Grounded Solutions’ strategic priorities.


Eligibility: All Grounded Solutions members with an established program are eligible to apply – including community land trusts; shared equity homeownership programs; and, nonprofit organizations and municipalities administering inclusionary housing or other long-term affordable housing programs that support inclusive communities. While all members are eligible to apply, note that all Technical Solutions Fund awards must be made to organizations (and not individuals).

Does this sound like a good opportunity for your organization? Please complete the fields on the next page and we'll contact you when we begin accepting new applications! 

*Please note, changes may be made to the areas of focus when the program is re-launched next year.

Contact Information

Please contact Elizabeth Bain at or 503.493.1000 x22 with any questions at this time. 

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