Coach Recommendation Form - 2018 U.S. Presidential Scholars Program Nomination

Thank you for assisting an urban debater in completing his/her application.

NAUDL is excited to nominate up to 40 students to be automatically invited to apply to the Presidential Scholars program.

Important Links:
NAUDL's nomination process (link)
US Presidential Scholars Program (link)
Debater Application (link)

Deadline to Submit: November 20, 2017, 5:00pm CST

To be eligible for nomination, the debater must:
  • Be a senior in high school
  •  Have a GPA of 3.50+
  • Be U.S. citizen
  •  Display broad academic achievement and accomplishments in extra- curricular activities.
  • Commit in advance to completing the U.S. Presidential ScholarsProgram application, which requires a similar time commitment as one college application.
For questions email Sara Sanchez,

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Short Answer

The majority of students nominated to apply to the Presidential Scholars program come from a pool of the top percentile of ACT/SAT scorers. The Presidential Scholars committee recognizes that standardized test scores is not the only method of determining outstanding achievers, and has invited high-impact youth development organizations including NAUDL to nominate candidates as well. The Presidential Scholars Committee is looking for students who have pursued a rigorous academic schedule and have strong academic and extracurricular achievements.