NYJN State Organization Membership Application 

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Background on Membership

Thank you for your interest in joining the National Youth Justice Network (NYJN)!

As outlined in our prospective members packet, the application process entails a screening call with NYJN staff, completion of this application form, and a short presentation to our Membership Advisory Counsel.  As we are a network of our members, the Membership Advisory Counsel serves as the decision making body. All State Organization Member Applications must be approved by the committee to officially be part of NYJN.

There are 3 core parts to this application.  

  1. Agreement with our 9 Principals of Reform
  2. Description of your organization, it's structure and work.
  3. Commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization.
Your application will not be considered complete unless all 3 parts are submitted. 

Once completed, an NYJN staff member will reach out to you to schedule a presentation before the Membership Advisory Counsel.  Please note the counsel meets bi-monthly.  As such, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

If you would like to learn more about our commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization read below.

NYJN's Commitment to Anti-Racism

NYJN has made a commitment to be an anti-racist membership organization and community.  We've done this in partnership with our Racial Justice Working Group, Racial Justice Steering Committee, Membership Advisory Council and with our members individually at our annual gatherings.  

For more information about this shift in approach, please visit NYN's website, where you'll find resources, a short video, and an explanatory blog.  

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Membership Agreement

I agree to the following membership requirements:


1.     I embrace and promote NYJN’s principles of reform

    1. Decriminalize Youth Behavior -- Divert Youth from the Justice System
    2. Remove Youth from Facilities -- Reduce Institutionalization
    3. Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Disparities
    4. Provide Youth with Lawyers -- Ensure Access to Quality Counsel
    5. Keep Youth at Home -- Create a Range of Effective Community-Based Programs
    6. Take Care of our Most Vulnerable -- Recognize and Serve Youth with Special Needs
    7. Improve Aftercare and Reentry
    8. The Most Harmed Should Define the Change -- Engage Youth, Family and Community
    9. Keep Youth Out of Adult Courts, Jails, and Prisons

2.    I agree to undertake the responsibilities of membership, including:

    1. Provide strategic guidance to NYJN in terms of program, policy and funding; help select advisory council members
    2. Actively participate in NYJN by sharing my own information and expertise and/or participating in at least one working group
    3. Fill out questionnaires and surveys as requested by the national office
    4. Actively support NYJN’s policy positions and calls to action
    5. Pay an annual dues on a sliding scale ($25 - $300)


3.     I acknowledge the privileges of membership in NYJN:

    1. Opportunity to participate in NYJN’s in-person gatherings
    2. Access to members-only listerv, website, state strategy calls, working groups and affinity groups
    3. Access to training and technical assistance
    4. Access to national advocates and funders
    5. Support for organizational development 

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Organizational Background

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Pledge to Become and Anti-Racist Organization

As an organizational member of NYJN and an organization working on youth justice issues, my organization believes that racism is an inherent part of our society, systems, and organizations. We also believe that doing our best work for young people involved in or at-risk of being involved in the juvenile justice system means that we - as an organization - must purposefully and intentionally work to combat racism both internally and externally.


Therefore, my organization commits to engaging in an anti-racist organizational growth process. This process includes formally committing to working towards becoming an anti-racist organization, conducting an organizational self-assessment, identifying priority areas of growth, and completing an annual reflection on our work.

(Note that NYJN's Racial Justice Steering Committee has defined an anti-racist organization as one that actively identifies and counteracts the persistence and impact of racism by changing systems, organizational structures, policies, practices, and attitudes, so that power is redistributed and shared equitably.)


We understand that NYJN will support our efforts by providing technical assistance, identifying resources, and making connections to other members.