Application for the Innovate Carolina Inventure Prize Challenge

UNC Innovate Carolina
Innovate Carolina's Inventure Prize is an innovation competition for undergraduate students and recent BS graduates of UNC offered by the Vice Chancellor for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development. 
Engaging in Carolina's Inventure Prize will prepare you for your professional and academic future by practicing your skills in teamwork, leadership, project development, business plan creation, public speaking and network creation. You will also become prepared to enter into additional competitions for business plans and innovative projects.
Students present their innovation project, prototype or venture to a panel of judges and advance to the next round, where they will be eligible for funding towards their prototype, receive one-on-one coaching from community experts and represent UNC at the 3rd annual ACC Inventure Prize @ GA Tech with travel expenses paid. Details are available at the ACC Innovation website.
Eligibility Information
Each team member must meet all of the eligibility requirements listed below:
  1. The team may be composed of full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate students or recent graduates of the university within one year of graduation from their undergraduate program.
  2. If a team member is a recent graduate of the university, the idea for the invention must have been initially conceived while the student was enrolled as an undergraduate.
  3. Entrants should be the original creators, inventors, or owners of the intellectual property (IP) underlying their invention.
  4. A team whose idea or invention qualifies as university-owned IP is not eligible to enter.
  5. Teams with generated revenue or venture capital funding in excess of $100,000 are not eligible to compete. This includes funding from both institutional and non-institutional sources (contests, grants, friends and family, bank loans, etc.).
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