2018 Annual Art Auction Artist Donor Form

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33rd Annual Art Auction
Thursday , May 17, 2018
Minnesota Street Project Galleries
General Guidelines
Thank you for donating your artwork for consideration in Hospitality House's Annual Art Auction benefiting the Community Arts Program and our other five community programs. Please read the guidelines below carefully, paying close attention to upcoming deadlines and important dates:
  1. A limit of two artwork submissions per artist will be accepted of which one will be selected for consideration. Unfortunately, due to space constrictions this year, all artwork submitted will be juried by our panel of art professionals.
  2. We will be sure to contacted you no later than April 27 to inform you whether or not your piece will be featured in this year's Annual Art Auction. Should your piece not be included, we will inform you of other opportunities to feature your artwork at future events. You also have the option of retrieving your piece.
  3. Please complete this form in its entirety. Boxes with red asterisk must be filled in order to process submission. We will need a high quality image of your artwork for this application preferable 1MB, but no larger than 10MB.
  4. Submit this form no later than by Friday, April 20th (for unframed work, please submit by April 9th).
  5. All artwork that needs to be framed must be delivered to Hospitality House's Community Art Program studio no later than Friday, April 9th. The studio is located at 1009 Market St. in San Francisco.
  6. This year, we've made the "biographical information" section shorter and added an option to include a description of your artwork (inspirations, creative process, use of materials etc.) This will be included in our exhibition book and enhance sale potential of your piece. Although optional, we encourage you to complete at least one option in this section. 
Have questions? Feel free to contact our Development Manager, Tess Davis at tdavis@hospitalityhouse.org or call (415) 749-2118.

Artist/Donor Information

Artwork Information

Regardless of when we obtain your piece, please complete this form ASAP for potential inclusion in any publicity materials.

Artwork Image & Retrieval

Please submit a digital image (.jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tga) of your artwork by uploading below. You must include an image:

Donation Information

Artist Biographical Information OR Artwork Description

In our exhibition catalog, we would like to include a brief biography of each participating artist. This year, we are also giving artists the opportunity of including information about the artwork being submitted. You have the choice of submitting only Option 1 or Option 2. However, you can also submit both a short bio and short description. Please keep both options short.

Review of Important Dates
  • Unframed Artwork Due at our offices by 4/09/18
  • Digital Images Due due by 4/20/18
  • All Artist Donation Form due 4/20/18
  • The 33rd Annual Art Auction will take place at the Minnesota Street Project galleries on 5/17/18 with previews starting on 5/5/18.

 PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - By submitting this form to Hospitality House, you agree to the following: Unsold work will be available for pick-up at 290 Turk Street for 90 days following the event. After this period, unclaimed work will become the property of Hospitality House and may be resold at another event or venue. Due to tax law, Hospitality House is required to issue a 1099 statement to any artist receiving $600 and above in commissions over a calendar year. This may require us to ask for the completion of a W-9 tax form (with Social Security Number) from the artist at a later date.  Submission of this form does not guarantee inclusion in this year's Annual Art Auction. For any questions, please call Allan S. Manalo, Development Director at 415-749-2184.  For more information on Hospitality House or the Community Arts Program, visit www.hospitalityhouse.org. Thank you!

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