Make Your Comeback

Tell us a bit about yourself
We use this Information to keep track of exactly who we help, and to manage their information throughout the coaching process. Your privacy is very important to us.

Tell us about your school/ work history

It is important to get a bit of information about your school and work history because it helps us identify specific financial aid, programs, majors and other supports to better help you.

Tell us a bit about your dreams

We use this information to help gather information and resources from community partners that can help you reach your goals and live your dreams. Don’t worry if you change your mind during the coaching process, we won’t hold it against you in any way.

A few more personal questions

The following information is considered confidential by many people.  We are concerned with your privacy as well. Please know that this information is shared only in aggregate, for fund-raising purposes, so that we may continue to provide our services for free. We also use this information for the purposes of developing new services for G2D clients. We appreciate your support as you consider providing the requested information.  You do not have to answer these questions to receive our services.

By submitting this form I give permission to Gateway to Degrees to forward my information to its partner institutions for purposes of assisting with my college admissions/enrollment.

I give permission to the Admissions/Office of Enrollment Management/Registrar of the College/University I shall be attending to release to Gateway to Degrees information verifying my enrollment status and my official transcript.

I fully understand that all information given on this application and information released to Gateway to Degrees or its partner institutions is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and, therefore will be kept confidential. Gateway to Degrees promises it will NEVER sell or give away personal information.