Light of Dawnn Nominations 2018

Now in their fourth year, the Light of Dawnn Awards honor Massachusetts nonprofit professionals who demonstrate compassion and unwavering commitment to serve those in need. While we welcome all nominations, we hope to highlight those doing direct-service work in communities, particularly those who may not have prominent or externally facing roles. If you are interested in nominating an Executive Director/CEO, or an organization, for an award, please keep an eye out for MNN's annual Nonprofit Excellence Awards. We will begin accepting nominations later in 2018.

The Light of Dawnn Awards were created to commemorate a bright rising star whose impact was felt throughout the local community. A victim of gun violence in August of 2014, Dawnn Ashley Jaffier was tragically killed on her way to a neighborhood celebration. Only 26 years old, Dawnn had begun a promising career in Boston's nonprofit sector, holding direct-service positions at the West End House, Playworks, City Year, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston. She understood firsthand the important role nonprofits play within a community and devoted her life to giving back to hers.

To honor Dawnn, and all victims of senseless acts of violence, the Light of Dawnn Awards recognize individuals working in the nonprofit sector who demonstrate the spirit that is Dawnn's legacy—compassion and unwavering commitment to serve those in need.

All nominations are due by Friday, January 5.
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