SATO Prestige Partner Application

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(At least 2 References must be provided) If paying via Wire Transfer, Credit Card or Check in advance customers do not need to fill out Trade / Credit References.
Bank Reference
(Credit Card Payment Accepted) If paying via Wire Transfer, Credit Card or Check in advance customers do not need to fill out Bank Reference.

The purchasing organization listed above is registered and/or identified with the states listed below which SATO America will deliver to purchaser and such purchases are for wholesale, resale, or components of a new product to be resold, or used in the normal course of purchasers business.

List Registration, Identification, Direct Payment Permit or Exception Number(s) for Each of the Following States:
Purchaser further certifies that if any property so purchased tax free is used or consumer by the purchaser as to make it subject to sales or use tax, purchaser will pay the tax due directly to the proper taxing authority. This certificate shall be valid for each future order, unless otherwise specified, or until cancelled by purchasing organization in writing or revoked by the state.

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Company Revenue
Please provide the revenue of the applying company exclusive of any parent corporations, verified by an audited year end financial statements or tax returns (mandatory information if the company is not privately held).
Please provide the percentage breakout on last year's sales.

Please select below where your company supplies services today.

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Please define the number of employees by categories, who are employed by your company directly, both inside and outside.
Products Represented
Please define the products your company has historically sold
Indicate the distributor your company purchased AIDC products from today

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What vertical markets does your company currently serve?
What other geographical areas would your company wish to represent?
Please summarize the value your customers would historically say your company brings to a solution.