HomeKeeper Setup Survey and Training Assessment

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Thank you for taking the time to fill out the HomeKeeper Setup Survey and Training Assessment. This form will allow us to assess your training needs, as well as the customize your instance of HomeKeeper to reflect particulars about your program in terms of program specifics. We hope it sparks ideas and conversation among you and your staff as you prepare to implement HomeKeeper.

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Your Information

Primary HomeKeeper Contact
Please provide the contact information for the person who should be our primary contact in working to implement HomeKeeper for your organization.
Organization Information

Note: If you do not already have Salesforce, you will need to upload a copy of your 501c3 determination letter when you apply to the Salesforce.Org Foundation to secure your 10 free licences for Salesforce.
Homeownership Program Training Assessment

You may refer to this as interim financing.

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HomeKeeper Homeownership Feature Configuration

Enter each name on a separate line

Enter each name on a seperate line

Enter each name on a seperate line

Enter each name on a seperate line

Enter each name on a seperate line
Each Homeownership or Service file is associated with a “Program”.  For example, if you manage programs for other cities or agencies, you may want to name each one by City (City of Oakland Inclusionary Program, City of Alameda Inclusionary Program, etc…) .  If you run several programs internally, and each participant can only be in one program, you would name each one of your programs (Buyer Initiated, Lease-Purchase Program, DREAM program, etc…)  

Enter each name on a seperate line
You have the option of associating a Property with a Portfolio.  For example, if you have several portfolios that you manage, you will want a different program name for each portfolio.   If you are managing homes for other organizations or agencies, list those entities.  Use this field only if there are grouping you want to be able to run reports and sort properties

Enter each name on a seperate line
Resale Formulas
9. HomeKeeper will track which resale formula is associated with each Homeownership file. The formula names should describe the type of formula and may also include a program date or document version associated with this resale formula.   For example: 2010 Program Formula, 2004 Index-based formula, etc.

Enter each name on a seperate line

Housing Ratio and Debt Ratio

HomeKeeper allows you to set a default value for Qualifying Housing Ratio (front-end ration), and Qualifying Total Debt Ratio (back-end ratio) so that you don’t need to type it in every time. 

10. If you have a default, list your default::  

Maximum Percentage of AMI

For each homeownership file, HomeKeeper tracks the Maximum Allowable % of AMI that is allowed. This allows you and the national performance database to track the affordability levels you are reaching relative to the maximum amount allowed. 

You can set a default value now, so that you don’t need to enter it every time you start a new homeownership file. If you have more than one, you can pick the most common. If you split your program between multiple income maximums, you may not want to have a default value. In this case, the maximum income allowed would be manually entered instead.

11. If you would like a Maximum % allowable AMI to be pre-populated on your Service Files enter your default:  
Homeownership Feature Application Workflow
HomeKeeper comes with a standard Service File, which you'll be able to customize. As part of your installation, we'll customize the values you input above, and also be able to add fields that are related to your Application workflow.

12. You may want to customize this section to match your own program workflow for applicants. Look at the standard workflow below and describe in detail any changes you would make to the order and/or flow of the layout.  Be sure to describe what type of new field you would add (check box, date, picklist with values, number, etc).  Please note that this section is meant to capture the steps leading up to placement on a waitlist, and that other sections of HomeKeeper include information about income qualification and preparation for purchase.
Remove these fields:

Add these fields
During configuration, HomeKeeper can add up to 10 fields, and will provide instructions on how organizations can add more fields on their own.

Where would you like this field placed.. above/below another field, on the left or right, etc.
Housing Counseling Training Assessment

HomeKeeper Housing Counseling Feature Configuration

In this section, we will be asking about any default values your organization has for most HUD Counseling clients. We can default to certain values in HomeKeeper to assist with time saved in data entry.

Housing Counselor Setup