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Sprout Scholarship Application


Sprout Therapeutic Riding and Education Center “Sprout” is a non-profit organization (TAX ID: 27-3045516).  Fees for participating in the programs at Sprout are necessary to help defray the expenses associated with equine assisted therapies. The fees collected cover a small portion of the overall costs associated with maintaining the farm, the equines, and the programs provided at Sprout.


It is the policy of Sprout to provide financial assistance to students in a fair and reasonable, manner.  Sprout is committed to providing financial assistance to students who otherwise do not have the financial means to participate in the programs at Sprout and also meet the requisite criteria.  In addition to filing a Sprout scholarship application, there is an expectation that students through their guardianship will investigate “other” options of financial support, (please see list of other funding sources attached with this application).


To ensure a fair and adequate amount of time is allocated to review of each application, it is required that all applications are submitted on time, thoroughly completed, and accurate.


Scholarship funds are provided for therapeutic participants only.  Riders must have a diagnosis and a physician’s referral to be eligible.


·      Deadline:  Scholarship applications must be submitted on time.  Any application received after the application deadline will not be considered. All applications should be mailed to PO Box 8, Aldie, VA 20105 or emailed to Brooke.Waldron@sproutcenter.org (with the email heading “Scholarship – Name”).

·      Eligibility: Financial information (via tax returns) MUST accompany all applications in order to be considered 

·      Participation: If a student receiving a scholarship misses more than 30% of their lessons, they will not be eligible to re-apply for another scholarship from Sprout [for one calendar year].

Criteria:  Scholarship awards are based on the following guidelines: 

·      Funding: Availability of funds at the time of scholarship application;

·      Student Needs: Profile and needs of the rider;

·      Commitment: Student’s commitment to the riding session, as well as commitment to cover a portion of the cost if a full scholarship is not awarded;

·      Previous Awards. In order to serve as many students as possible, Sprout reserves the right to limit the number of awards/scholarships awarded to the same rider.

Student Information

Parent Information

Financial Information

Why Does Your Student Need Support?

Other Scholarship Opportunities



AWCF provides support for children, of military families, enabling them to participate in therapeutic riding programs in over fifteen states. 


P.O. BOX 877

Silver Spring, MD 20918

Phone: (877) 921-2923

FAX (301) 587-2923

Email: awcf@airwarriorcourage.org

Website: www.airwarriorcourage.org



Bloomfield’s mission is to provide grants that assist physically disabled children and young adults with the unique demands of their daily lives. Additional grants provide attendance at various programs for these special individuals. Grant requests submitted three times yearly receive consideration based on need and amount requested. Grants will not be made for services or equipment that can be funded by other means. Annual grant requests must be received by April 1, August 1 or December 1.


4406 Winchester Road
Marshall, Virginia 20115

Website: http://www.thediocese.net/Diocesan_Community/Bloomfield/


Grants for state-of-the-art therapy techniques, along with more traditional physical therapy methods to achieve rapid strides in physical strength and coordination.


Phone: 877-NOW-ICAN

Website:  www.brightstepsforward.org



Offers scholarships for children with disabilities to participate in therapeutic riding, adaptive swimming and a variety of programs.


15158 Berlin Turnpike

Purcellville, VA 20132

Phone: (703) 350-3020

Email: muriel@wheatlandfarm.org

Website: www.faithandfamilyfoundation.org



Helps children with cancer and their families with emotional, educational and resource support through various outlets.


Website: www.friendslikeus.org


Provides financial assistance for adaptive equipment and physical therapy, occupational therapy and hippotherapy sessions.


Website: http://www.kyaskrusade.org/info/programs-and-services/financialassistance-program/



Assists families with resources necessary to provide medical treatment, therapies and rehabilitative equipment in order to improve the quality of life for their special needs children.


Website: http://www.lindsayfoundation.org/



The Foundation seeks to provide this assistance to living children that are eighteen years old and younger with physical and emotional challenges.

Website: http://prayerchild.org



Assists children with speech and hearing disabilities and under-privileged women and children.


Website: http://www.quotaofwinchester.org/



Answers the dreams of chronically ill, seriously ill, physically challenged and abused children, ages three to eighteen, whose families cannot fulfill their requests due to the financial strain that child's illness may cause.  Household annual income may not exceed $75,000.

Website: www.sunshinefoundation.org



The We Promise Foundation is dedicated to making dreams come true for children who struggle with severe illness or tremendous hardship.


160 Newtown Road, 5th Floor

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Phone: (757) 233-7111

Email: info@wepromisefoundation.org

Website: www.wepromisefoundation.org



Provides financial support to families of special needs children through funds designated for respite care, therapies, or other assistive equipment.


Website: www.zanesfoundation.org