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Thank you for your interest in the University of Michigan Club of Grand Rapids Scholarship.  There are two ways to apply for the scholarship – online or with the paper application.  Following are the instructions for application and application checklist.

Online applications are highly encouraged.

Online Applicants:

  1. Please complete the online application.
  2. Upload financial information, transcripts, test scores, extracurricular activity summary, essay, and 2 signed letters of recommendation as PDF files at completion of application.  If you are unable to upload documents, they may be submitted via email to umgrscholarship@gmail.com.

Paper Applicants:

  1. Please request a paper application from your guidance counselor or email umgrscholarship@gmail.com to download, print, and complete the application form and submit along with all associated materials (financial information, transcripts, test scores, extracurricular activity summary, essay, and letters of recommendation).

All Applicants:
Have all hard-copy materials mailed directly to the Scholarship Committee Chair.  Application must be electronically submitted or post-marked by FRIDAY FEBRUARY 15, 2019.

Mailing Address:        
University of Michigan Club of Grand Rapids

c/o Eric Biesbrock
PO Box 230105
Grand Rapids, MI 49523-0105

Be sure that your application includes the following:

  1. Completed application.
  2. Personal financial information, including either a copy of the FAFSA form that you and your parents completed as part of your college application process – OR – your parents’ federal tax returns for the most recently completed year (2016 financials are acceptable). If current financial circumstances have changed significantly from the prior tax year, please submit a supplemental explanatory statement.

    a. We must receive a copy of this financial information. Applications that do not include the requested information will be rejected.

    b. Please redact or black out information regarding your family’s social security numbers.  Although all applications are shredded once the confidential review process is completed, we fully understand concerns relating to providing social security numbers to strangers.

    c. If your parents are divorced and you will be receiving financial support from both parents, please provide financial information from both sets of parents (under separate cover if necessary).

  3. A copy of your high school and, if applicable, college transcripts.
  4. A copy of your ACT and/or SAT results.
  5. Summary of your extracurricular activities.
  6. Essay.
  7. Two letters of recommendation.

If you have any questions, please contact Eric Biesbrock at umgrscholarship@gmail.com


(*Upload Copies of Tanscript and Test Results on Last Page)



In this section please briefly describe your long term personal and career aspirations and goals.


Please provide information regarding your family's employment and financial status.

Please provide details on your employment history and earnings.
Job Title/Employer Dates of Employment Total Estimated Earnings
Job #1
Job #2
Job #3
Job #4
Job #5





Please identify all scholarships that you have received, the amount of each scholarship, and whether they are renewable or a one time award



Please list and describe all of your extracurricular activities, volunteer experiences and awards and recognition received during high school (and college if applicable).

If you prefer to upload a separate document, please do so at the completion of this online application.


Please provide a personal statement telling us about any challenges, opportunities, and/or goals you have experienced or achieved in your life that make you an excellent candidate for the U of M Club of Grand Rapids Scholarship.

If you prefer to upload a separate document, please do so at the completion of this online application.

I understand that, if I receive a scholarship, my acceptance of that award obligates me to commence and complete each year of studies for which financial aid is granted by the University of Michigan Club of Grand Rapids (“the Club”), unless good cause for not doing so can be shown. I acknowledge that my eligibility for continued financial assistance is contingent upon me retaining at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average while enrolled full-time in classes taken at U of M’s Ann Arbor campus and that I must provide the Club’s Scholarship Committee with a copy of my transcript after each semester to verify my continued eligibility. I understand that the scholarship is for undergraduate studies only, Fall and Winter Semesters only, and may be renewed for no more than eight semesters or terms of study. I authorize the Club to use my name and photo to publicize its scholarship program, and to make reasonable efforts to contact me while I am in Ann Arbor to verify my continued eligibility for scholarship, and to publicize Club events. Finally, I understand that all decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final, and I waive any right to object to those decisions, or to bring any claim or cause of action against the Club or any of its members as a result of any action taken by the Committee or its members.