2018 ASA Captain Agreement

Athletes Serving Athletes 2018 Captain Agreement
We are excited to have you race with ASA in 2018.  Please read the following information regarding your participation as a Captain in the 2018 racing year. The bottom portion of this form has a space for you to update your personal information with ASA.  Don't hesitate to email or call me with any questions - wingmanasa@gmail.com.  410-258-9046 Thank you. 

The wish list will be split into 2 parts this year.  WL1 will include April - August races as well as the Large Community Races (A10, B10, C12, Baltimore Marathon, Bridge Race).  WL2 will include all September - December races.  We are separating them so you will have a better idea of availability prior to selecting races.  WL1 and WL2 will be sent together to ASA Captains who have completed this 2018 Agreement and their 2018 Captain Fundraising Link.  WL1 and WL2 will be sent out January 15th and is due back on January 29th.  Your spring and summer racing schedule (including your Large Community Races) will be confirmed for you by March 1st.  WL2 confirmations for fall races will be sent out no later than June 1st.  Multi-sport wish list will be sent separately but you will be able to designate interest on the general wish list.  You will also be asked to select one race this season on the Wish List to serve as Onsite Race Manager (description below).

As we enter our tenth year and our 2018 racing season I want to thank you all for empowering our athletes to reach beyond what they might have thought possible.  Without you and the communities that you have helped build we would not be able to fulfill our mission of changing lives and changing perceptions of what it is to live with disabilities.
As we continue to grow, and in an effort to serve more athletes, we have been working on our ASA Best Practices Ideas for 2018.  We are currently closed to new Athletes due to a lack of Wingmen support.  In an effort to engage more Wingmen we are asking more of our Community Coordinators this year.  We are asking them to provide more races and more trainings so that new Wingmen have the opportunity to become engaged as soon as they enter our program. Our Community Coordinators will not be able to manage this increased activity without your help.  In an effort to support our growing communities and our Community Coordinators we are asking you to commit to serve as the Onsite Race Manager for one race in 2018, serve as the Onsite Training Manager for one group training session in 2018, and attend four trainings in 2018.  See below for job descriptions

This year we are asking all Captains to be the Onsite Race Manager for one race.  The Onsite Race Manager responsibilities include:
  1. Arrive at least 30 minutes before all ASA participants
  2. You will be the onsite contact for all Athletes, Captains, Wingmen, and Family members
  3. You will be provided with all Team and equipment assignments by your Community Coordinator
  4. Upon arrival you will organize set up of the tent and marketing table
  5. Supervise Captains in jogger building making sure that all joggers have been double checked before racing (Wingmen should never build joggers)
  6. Supervise Captains in connecting with their Athletes and their Wingmen
  7. Gather teams together for picture and provide updated racing information
  8. Move teams to the start line
  9. You will be the emergency contact for all Wingmen teams on the race course (further instructions on how to manage these calls will be provided at the Captain meeting
  10. Ensure that all teams return to the tent
  11. Supervise breakdown by Captain of all equipment

This year we are asking Captains to manage one training run as the Onsite Training Manager.  The Onsite Training Manager responsibilities inclue:
  1. Arrive 30 minutes before training starts 
  2. Be the contact person onsite for all Athletes, Captains, Wingmen
  3. Greet new Athletes and Wingmen 
  4. Direct building of all equipment
  5. Gather teams to get ready to run (team and equipment assignments will be provided for you)
  6. Confirm return of all teams
  7. Direct breakdown of all equipment
  8. Onsite Training Manager does not run during these trainings
For your information we have instituted a new equipment policy.  This policy developed as a response to Athletes who are requesting specific equipment (blue rockets) for training and racing.  The following was sent to all Athletes.
As we strive to provide a quality racing experience for every athlete & their WingMan team, we know that part of his/her experience is the type equipment they like to use.  We will continue to share all jogger types fairly amongst all athletes in each area.  The CCs will include equipment allocation in all pre-race communication.  If you cannot participate in the equipment allocated, please let the CC in charge of the race know so they can offer your spot to another athlete.

The Race Day Athlete Ambassador is an ASA Athlete who will be present at a race but not racing.  He/She will be responsible for greeting all Athletes, answering Athlete questions, help cheer Wingman teams as the proceed to start line, cheer returning Wingman teams as they cross the finish line.

Pace continues to be the number one complaint from Wingmen.  This is a reminder that your Wingmen will not tell you if the pace is too fast.  You must make sure that your pace is conversational and that you pay attention to the appearance of your Wingmen.  Regularly ask them how the pace is, and when in doubt slow down!!  Please remember, Captains should not be pushing beyond getting the team out of the start and out of the way of the other participants, or if Wingmen ask for help.  If your Wingmen are pushing they will control the pace, not the Captain, which is what we want.  And if Captains are need to push that means the pace is too fast for your Wingman Team

ASA Captains, Wingmen, and Community Coordinators may not provide transportation for ASA Athletes

2018 CAPTAIN FUNDRAISING LINK - Completing this Captain Fundraising Link is required before Wish List can be sent.  Please open in a new window and complete before hitting Submit button below.