2018 KC Fringe TEEN FRINGE Performing and Film Artist Application

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So you want to do a Fringe Show. . .
We're here to help make that possible - whether this is your first time producing a show or if this is what you've been doing for years. If you've never done it before, we have all sorts of help to offer, and if you know what you're doing, we'll stand back and watch you go!
Is Fringe right for your production?
We believe there’s a place for everyone in Fringe and we welcome participation from anyone, however, Fringe may not be the right place for every kind of production.

Fringe is a different producing environment. The pace is faster, the timeline is more compressed, and you have little control over venue choice, tech, ticketing and schedule. What might be a reasonable request in other theater situations may be a logistical nightmare for Fringe. Our guidelines and rules are in place to keep everything running smoothly.

There are some limitations you’ll have to take into account for your show:

1. No elaborate tech. You must be able to load in and set up your show in ten minutes, and you also get ten minutes to strike after your show. Don’t count on having storage space in your venue. You may need to bring your set and costumes in and out for every performance.

2. Projection equipment is not provided. You may bring in your own equipment with the permission and coordination of your venue technician.

3. No distribution of food or alcohol will be permitted by artists.

4. Teen Fringe makes no scheduling accommodations for actors who desire to be in multiple shows.

Applying to Fringe

Applying is very simple: just read this info then fill out this online application. Submit this form no later than 12:00pm (Central Time) on May 15. Late applications will not be accepted.

All participants in a Teen Fringe production must be between the ages of 13-19 years old. 

Teen Fringe 2018 runs Friday, July 20 through Sunday, July 22. You must be available to perform for the entire festival's duration, as well as at least one day during July 16-19 for a mandatory technical rehearsal.

On July 29th, the Best of Teen Fringe will be given an additional performance in a mainline Fringe festival venue. Performers must be available early to late afternoon on this date. Best of Teen Fringe will be determined by cumulative audience attendance. It is an expectation that groups who submit to teen fringe will be responsible for marketing and audience building towards this goal. 

Please read all information thoroughly before you apply. The guidelines and application are your contract with KC Fringe.

What You Get:   

Fringe is the best deal in town for producers.

1. An environment that facilitates an independent creative process and the opportunity to perform for an audience that is eager and willing to support new performances and creations.

2. A venue with basic light and tech set up.

3. The schedule of your performances listed in the printed Fringe program guide and on the Fringe website and mobile app along with your show description and photo.

4. One  technical rehearsal at the venue in the days immediately prior to the festival so you can setup and run through your show.

5. At least one technician.

6. Full box office service including online and on-ground advance and day-of ticket sales.

7. At least one box office staff and one front of house/usher staff.

8. Publicity for the festival as a whole.

9. Marketing and production support.

10. Festival artist discounts including special ad rates in the program guide, special Fringe button pricing, and comp tickets.

What you'll do as a producer to make your show a success:

1.Performance time slots are 30-45 minutes. Your performance can not exceed 45 minutes or run under 30 minutes. 

2. Submit an application form on time. (May 15th)

4. Submit all requested Fringe materials on time. You will receive comprehensive due dates in a follow-up email after your application has been accepted.  

5. Rehearse and mount your production. Consider all of your production needs, including backstage staffing. The adult to teen ratio should be 1:10. 

6. Arrive with everything needed for your show (props, sets, costumes, stage manager, ideas on lighting and sound cues, etc.) 

7. Promote your show. We promote the festival, you are responsible for promoting your show.  

8. Be responsible for all your personal expenses and personal belongings.

9. Be fully prepared for your scheduled technical rehearsal. 

10. Show up on time for performances.

11. All shows must end on time. 

14. All props, costumes, personal belongings, etc. must be removed from venue by 5:00pm on Monday, July 30. If not cleared by that time, a $30 labor fee and $100 disposal fee will be deducted from your ticket proceeds.

Contact Information
All Fringe correspondence will be sent to the Primary Contact Person only.  Only the Primary Contact Person is authorized to submit or make changes to show and company information. Please check your email regularly as this is the only way the Fringe will communicate with you.  The primary contact is responsible for turning in all paperwork for everyone involved with that company.
Primary Contact Information


Do not call your venue for any reason. The venue is simply providing the space. KC Fringe has complete control of how that space is set-up and managed. You jeopardize the venue's participation if you contact them. The venue cannot and will not answer your questions.

The KC Fringe is unjuried and uncensored. Performance times are filled on a first come, first served basis. The first 14 applicants are guaranteed performance slots in the 2018 Teen Fringe Festival. Any remaining applications will be put on a waiting list in the order received.

We reserve the right to refuse any application. 

Signed Agreement:
This application will be considered a legal agreement between you and the KC Fringe Festival. Cancellations are accepted only from the primary contact, and only in writing. All performing companies agree to adhere to the laws of Missouri, the ordinances of the City of Kansas City, Missouri, and the policies and procedures of the KC Fringe Festival, stated within this document. The KC Fringe Festival reserves the right to cancel any performances of companies or artists not adhering to this agreement. All performers must individually sign a waiver of liability form and provide a signed copy to the Fringe office no later than July 1, 2018. 

Your Full Name (Primary contact)

Print and keep a copy of your application for yourself.

You will receive confirmation of application received. If you don't hear back or have questions, contact us at applications@kcfringe.org or call 816-359-9195.

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