Bebe Feuerstein Simon Early Childhood Institute 2018

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Please include information for EACH participant attending from your school.  Information provided will be used for Badges & Check-in. If you are registering as an individual educator, you only need to fill in the information for yourself.
Participant Information

You may order lunch for $12 and can request a tuna, turkey or vegetarian sandwich (dietary laws observed). Please use the worksheet on page 2 to finalize make your order.

Please go to the next page to calculate fees.

Page 2- Payment Information and Worksheet

The fee structure is as follows:

Early Bird Registration (before February 19)- from 1 to 10 participants-               $55/each
                                                                  from 11 to 20 participants-             $50/each
                                                                  21 or more participants-                 $45/each

After February 19, the registration fee for affiliated schools increases to $100/each 
Early Bird Registration (before February 19)                                                         $80/each
After February 19                                                                                               $125/each
Payment Worksheet

Please pay the amount above via PayPal using the button provided below.