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There is no charge to join the Trenton Circus Squad. We do not charge, so that all youth have equal access to our program, regardless of their ability to pay. We rely on those who can pay to make donations to help cover our costs. Please join us in supporting TCS at the level that seems right to you. The incremental cost of each child to participate in the squad is about $500 per session. Donating more will help support the underlying costs of the program and making the experience available without regard to ability to pay. All donations are tax deductible and any amount will be appreciated! 
  • $100 - Will help pay for transportation for one squad member per session.
  • $500 - Will cover the cost of one child to attend workshops once per week for this session.
  • $1000 - Will help cover the cost of nutrition for one session.
  • $5000 - Will help cover the cost of professional development for staff and speciality coaches for one year.
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100% of these donations on this site go to support kids helping themselves by helping others.