The Beloved Community Fund Grant Application

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Akonadi Foundation Mission

The Akonadi Foundation’s mission is to support the development of powerful social change movements to eliminate structural racism and create a racially just society.  The Akonadi Foundation believes we need a social movement to overcome structural racism.  Building a social movement means moving a large base of people to action united by shared strategy, principles and goals.

The Beloved Community Fund
The Beloved Community Fund supports nonprofit organizations, as well as other organizations that work with fiscal sponsors, that are organizing:

  • Projects and events that reclaim public space in Oakland, in order to affirm and celebrate the collective memory, shared histories, social identities and cultures of communities of color living in the city as well as events which provide a platform to discuss pressing issues and struggles.

  • Projects and events which  affirm spatial and cultural relationships that nurture a sense of healing, belonging and community through the support of the expressive cultures of Oakland’s communities of color.

  • Projects and events which support people of color gathering and reclaiming public space through the process of cultural exchange in light of the negative forces of gentrification and displacement.

Grant awards are limited to $15,000 or less.

Grant Contact



Fiscal Sponsor

Usually a letter or contract.
Description of Proposed Activity

Please answer the following questions with each response no longer than 200 words. 

2. Please provide a short description of your project that includes the information described in the following template. The template is intended to serve as a guide and illustrates the primary information Akonadi is interested in knowing.

Template: “[EVENT NAME] will take place at [EVENT LOCATION] on [EVENT DATE(S)] and intends to serve [TARGET COMMUNITY] with respect to [PROJECT THEMES] by having [EVENT ACTIVITIES - i.e., performance, workshops, exhibition, etc.] and profiling the work of [LEAD ARTIST(S) and/or CULTURAL LEADERS].

7. When will the project/event happen?
Event Information

Please include a written Budget Narrative with your Financial Budget. The purpose of the Budget Narrative is to supplement the brief information provided in the Financial Budget. It should justify how the budget items are necessary to implement the project goals and objectives, and to accomplish the proposed outcomes. It is a guide to help Akonadi Foundation staff to fully understand the budgetary needs of the applicant, and to provide more descriptive information regarding the costs. Together, the Budget Narrative and Financial Budget should provide a complete financial and qualitative description that supports the proposed project plan.

If applicable

If applicable