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Applicant Information

EFNC Volunteer Application Rev 1-5-18


Individuals interested in working with children/teens must answer these additional questions. A background check is required. (This includes anyone wanting to help at any camp, retreat, or family program.) 

What experience do you have working with children or adults with special needs and/or epilepsy? Please describe in detail and feel free to include any experience with younger or older siblings with special needs.

In case of emergency, please notify: 

This is to confirm that my signature or name below indicates that the information above is accurate and have agreed to the above statement. 

Confidentiality Agreement:

In the course of your work as an EFNC volunteer, you will come into

contact with confidential information. By submitting this form you acknowledge and

agree that at all times the information will remain confidential.

You further agree that during the term of your relationship you will only

use the material provided by the EFNC for the benefit of your role as a volunteer.

In the event that you leave your role as volunteerr you will not replicate

or provide it to any third parties.

Thank you for applying to volunteer with us!