2018 Technical Solutions Fund Application

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Grounded Solutions Network

Program Overview 

Grounded Solutions Network created the Technical Solutions Fund with the goal of solving problems and enhancing program sustainability for our members. Award types include technical assistance services, peer exchange stipends, and advocacy grants. Through the Technical Solutions Fund, Grounded Solutions Network seeks to support members in three main areas: Sustainability & Growth, Program Design & Improvement, and Advocacy & Event Sponsorships. These areas reflect the intersection of common member requests and Grounded Solutions Network’s strategic priorities.  



All Grounded Solutions members are eligible to apply. Please note that all Technical Solutions Fund awards must be made to organizations (and not individuals).

Technical Solutions Fund Categories:

Grants and Sponsorships:

  • Regional Event Sponsorships: Grounded Solutions Network sponsors regional events that gather members and other critical stakeholders from the region for at least one full day to discuss and resolve road blocks to growth, advocacy for state and local policies, best practices, and professional development. Sponsorships range from $500 to $2,000.

  • Peer Exchange Grants: Grounded Solutions Network supports members connecting and learning directly from one another. Peer exchange grants cover the direct costs (usually in the $1,000 to $2,000 range) associated with bringing members together. Eligible peer exchanges can be for programs early on in the exploration phase that would like to meet with a long-time leader from another program, or for well-established programs that want to learn how another organization operates.

  • State and Local Policy Advocacy Grants: Grounded Solutions Network knows that favorable state and local policy efforts can make all the difference in a program’s success. This grant (usually in the $2,500 to $7,500 range) is intended to help members assess the local policy landscape, educate policy makers about particular opportunities, and build public support for lasting affordability. It is important to note that lobbying activities are not eligible uses of this grant.

Technical Assistance Services:
Due to funding availability, we are asking all applicants to help cover the cost of these technical assistance services. We have established a sliding scale, and if your request is approved, we will work with your organization to establish what portion you can cover- typically 15% to 25% of the value of services. 
  • Affordable Pricing and Resale Formula Design or Review: Grounded Solutions Network, through a series of virtual, one-on-one meetings, will help you develop or review and revise your affordable pricing policy and resale formula based on local market data, funding requirements, and other best practices. 
    Value of Services $4,000

  • Legal Instrument Customization or Review: Grounded Solutions Network will walk you through and help you make the programmatic decisions that are customizable in your deed restriction or ground lease, which can then be shared with local legal counsel for review. We will use the 2011 Model Ground Lease as the foundation of all ground lease conversations. As a stand-alone review, this customization will not include considerations related to affordable pricing, resale formulas or detailed fee analysis.
    Value of Services $3,000

  • Monitoring, Compliance and Stewardship Policy Manual Customization or Review: Using Grounded Solutions Network’s template policy manual, we will help you design or review and revise your organization’s policy manual based on best practices from the field and your program’s local goals and structure.
    Value of Services $3,500

  • All of the Above: Stewardship Program Design or Review: Grounded Solutions Network through virtual meetings and a two-day site visit, we will help you develop or review and revise your (1) affordable pricing and resale formula, (2) ground lease or deed restriction and (3) stewardship policies manual. We will also provide you with a memo that highlights decisions made and next steps.
    Value of Services $17,000

  •      Shared Equity Business Planning: This opportunity is limited to community groups or new community land trust organizations that have a deep knowledge of the model, are committed to implementation and are now looking to undertake business planning. We will help your organization to (1) draft a business plan for initial operations including a 3-5 year operating budget projection. (2) develop a strategy for gaining support and moving forward on your first project and (3) identify a strategy for launching independent operations.

         Value of Services $30,000

Technical Assistance Services for Established Programs Only
Established programs have 5 or more units and have been established for 3 years or more. 
  • Fee and Revenue Analysis: Grounded Solutions Network through virtual meetings will help you take stock of your fee and revenue mix to help your organization become more financially sustainable and programmatically impactful. We will help you analyze your current practices, identify new (or increased) revenue opportunities, and suggest areas to scale back.
    Value of Services $6,100

  • Shared Equity Program Adoption Analysis:  This opportunity is limited to established Habitat for Humanity Affiliates, CDCs, nonprofit affordable housing providers, and/or municipalities. Grounded Solutions Network will help your organization review your current practices, learn more about the shared-equity homeownership models, and identify what your organization would need to change in order to adopt and implement a shared-equity program, either independently or in partnership with another organization (such as a community land trust).
    Value of Services $9,000

For pressing needs not on this list, please contact Jason Webb at jwebb@groundedsolutions.org to discuss other eligible technical assistance that we may be able to offer.  

Applicant Information

Additional Questions for your request

In general, Technical Solutions Fund awards will begin at least 8 weeks after submission of this application, so applicants should request start dates 8-12 weeks after their initial submission date.  If you are selected, Grounded Solutions staff will follow up with you to finalize the timing of your award.