Learning AFAR Costa Rica 2018: ICE Student Application 

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We are excited to invite you to be a part of the 2018 Learning AFAR program featuring a 10-Day Expedition to Costa Rica. On behalf of the AFAR Foundation, No Barriers and help from other generous donors, we look forward to receiving your application and showing you where travel can take you!

We welcome participants of all abilities and backgrounds to complete this application. We believe that international travel should be accessible to all youth who desire to explore our world. You will receive a confirmation email upon submission of your application. If you do NOT receive a confirmation email, we did NOT receive your application. 

Call 970.484.3633 x 314  or email rachel.strommen@nobarriersusa.org with questions OR if you require a hard copy of this application. 

March 1st 2018: All components outlined in the "application checklist below" are due by 5 pm MT- please see the "Application Checklist" for more details.

NOTE: All fields with a red asterisk (*) are REQUIRED.
Application Checklist
All students interested in this program must complete this 3-part application. Please note, it is the responsibility of each applicant to keep track of which components have been submitted- incomplete applications will not be considered.

A Complete Application Includes:

1) Online Student Application Form (you're doing that now!)
2) One Referral Form (Available Here)
3) Signed Parent/Guardian Supplemental Form (Available Here)
Students applying for a scholarship must also submit:
4) Proof of Household Income (Proof of income refers to copy of your most recent 1040 tax form or signed letter stating your combined household income) *
*If it is not an option to scan and upload the Guardian Supplemental Form and the Proof of Household Income, feel free to upload a clear photo of these documents OR you may turn in a hard copy to Juliana at I.C.E.

Student Selection & Essential Eligibility Criteria 
For ALL applicants:
Merit: We will consider the following components of this scholarship application: Academic performance and short essay answers. 
Leadership Potential: We will give highest priority to thoughtful, well-written short essay answers that demonstrate leadership potential and a desire for positive personal growth.
Age: Open to 10th and 11th grade Institute for Collaborative Education Students 

For students applying for scholarship:
Financial Need: This will be assessed based on the annual household income and eligibility for Federal free & reduced lunch information you provide below. These details are provided in the Guardian Supplemental Form of the application.
Lack of Previous Travel Experiences and Exchange with Cultures Other Than Your Own: This scholarship aims to give students who have rarely traveled the opportunity to do so. We may grant some exceptions, however, highest priority will be given to students who have never traveled. In addition, we are looking to expose you to cultures other than you own. Priority will be given to students who have little experience with other cultures.
Let's Get Started!

Legal Guardian Contact Information  
We ask that each applicant provide information for the 1st Legal Guardian whose role it is to offer support to the applicant. If the applicant is selected, the 1st legal guardian will be included on the necessary email and phone correspondence. 

*Note, the Legal guardian must also complete the Guardian Supplemental Form.

Personal Experience and Background Info
The Learning AFAR expedition is designed for adventurous and driven participants! We select participants who will be prepared both physically and mentally in order to get the most out of the experience. We expect students to come ready to be active for many hours of the day and grow as intellectuals. We will do a lot of work prior to travel to ensure you are prepared, but we would like to get a gauge on your background to ensure the health and safety of the entire team selected. 

Note: Prior experience is NOT REQUIRED to be accepted. Upon acceptance into the program, ALL participants will be required to submit a comprehensive health history report and a physical signed by a certified health practitioner demonstrating the student’s ability to participate.

Short Answer Questions:
Please respond to the following five questions. We will give highest priority to thoughtful, well-written responses that demonstrate leadership potential. It is always a good idea to have someone you trust edit your answers for grammar and quality of thought. This should be YOUR work, but please do have someone edit your work.

2. We are looking to support participants who have a desire for personal positive growth and a desire to share that growth with their local community. Please provide at least one example of EACH of the following:

Personal Commitment