Degree Student Withdrawal Form

***It is currently Student Add/Drop Week for the Winter 2020 semester. We are not accepting course or semester withdrawals at this time. If you would like to drop a course(s), please login to your account. If you would like to drop from the semester (drop all courses), please contact your academic advisor at*** 

***ONLY request to be withdrawn from the college will be accepted at this time***

Please fill out this form if you wish to withdraw from a course(s), withdraw from the semester, or withdraw from the college.

Note: If you are withdrawing for medical reasons, please fill out the Medical Withdrawal Form.
Choose course withdrawal ONLY if you are withdrawing from some of your registered courses. Choose semester withdrawal if you are withdrawing from ALL registered courses. 

***If you are withdrawing from the college and are enrolled in the current semester, you will need to submit BOTH a semester AND a college withdrawal.***
For a course withdrawal, list which course(s):

For a semester withdrawal, list which semester you plan to return:
Enter year
Enter year
Enter year
Enter year
For a college withdrawal, list the institution you plan to transfer to (optional):

I understand that I am financially responsible for the tuition and fees charged, and that the
withdrawal I have requested will not result in a tuition refund.

Note: All students who receive financial aid are required to complete an exit interview with Financial Aid. Please contact Financial Aid at 617-747-2274 to set up your interview. Alternatively, you can complete this online by visiting