Outsider Art Fair Paris 2018 - Exhibitor Application Form

Application Guidelines

  • The Outsider Art Fair only accepts galleries as exhibitors. Artists will not be accepted.
  • There is a $250.00 non-refundable application fee. Eachapplication is evaluated individually and this fee does not guarantee acceptance into the fair. This fee does not apply to galleries who have previously exhibited at the fair.
  • Please ensure the artists and works included in this application are outsider art/self taught/non-academic work. No other forms of art will be considered.
  • For consideration, please submit your completed application by May 1, 2018.
  • Please email allison@outsiderartfair.com with any questions. 

Please submit at least one image per artist. If you have more than seven images or the files are having trouble uploading, submit all images via WeTransfer directly to allison@outsiderartfair.com. Include your gallery's full name and ensure each image is titled with the full caption (artist, title, date, medium). 

No application will be considered without at least one image per artist.

By submitting these images, the gallery agrees that they have full permission to use the images by the artist, the artist's gallery, or the photographer, and the Outsider Art Fair has the right and permission to use these images for marketing purposes.

Please note that all works submitted shall be vetted by our team and individually selected based on relevancy to the overall theme.

Booth information

Payment Information

The application fee does not apply to returning galleries.
New galleries who do not submit their payment information for the $250.00 application fee will not be considered.