Strange Art Competition 2018

Cover Art

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School Contacts

School Street Address

School Postal Address

Teacher Contact for Secondary School Entry Authorisation

As this is a Secondary School competition, we require the name and email address of the Principal/Dean or Art Teacher to confirm your entry. They will receive an email to reply to which will complete the entry process. 

Artist Entering Album Cover Art (Main Contact)

If more than one artist please designate one contact responsible for all correspondence with Play It Strange


At least one phone number must be provided.


Please list the names of other students who have helped with creating this Cover Art

1. The Creators (artists and idea developers) must be:

a) Resident in New Zealand or New Zealand citizens

b) At secondary school and be under 20 years of age

c) Attend school at least 16 hours a week.

2. The work must be original art. It must NOT be a copy or adaptation of a traditional non-copyright work.

3. Entries. The following will be required:

a) Completion of an official entry form

b) A jpeg, doc or pdf uploaded to the online form

a) and b) must be received by Play It Strange no later than Friday 26th of October 2018.

Send all postal entries to:

Play It Strange, Strange Art Competition, PO Box 137194, Parnell, Auckland

General Conditions:

a) Only ONE artwork may be submitted on an official entry form by or on behalf of any one creator and must comply with conditions 1 and 2.

b) We will be adding the following heading “2018 Lion Foundation Songwriting Competition” and the Play It Strange Logo and The Lion Foundation Logo.

c) All decisions of the judges will be binding on Play It Strange and the entrants.

d) In the event of more than one creator having collaborated in this competition winning work, the relevant prize will be allocated equally between the writers. 

e) Play It Strange shall have the right to interpret the above conditions and to determine all issues arising out of this contest. Any such interpretations and determinations shall be final.

f) The winner grants permission for Play It Strange use of the artwork as Play It Strange sees fit. 

g)  Play It Strange will have the right to print the name and likeness of any entrant in publicity

in respect of the competition and all matter incidental thereto.

h) The entrant agrees to be bound by Play It Strange’s entry procedures, rules, and regulations established in this entry form. The judges’ decision is final. No correspondence

will be entered into.

Please Note

An entry number will be emailed to your Teacher Contact.


Form submission may take a few minutes while files upload. If you have problems please try again or contact us at 

Alternately you can enter by downloading an entry form and sending it in.