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In order to be eligible to apply for Tech Height by Gvahim, our software engineers Career Program you must hold at least one academic Degree (Bachelors, License, etc.) in:

·         Computer science or engineering

·         QA, IT, or other technology based disciplines


And one of the following cases apply:

·         You are making Aliyah, returning, or immigrating to Israel within the next 6 months

·         have made Aliyah up to 10 years ago (if you are a returning citizen, please indicate your status in the application)


If you are not sure if you meet one or more of these requirements, or have any other questions, please contact us at


 * Participation is subject to acceptance to our program which shall be at Gvahim’s sole discretion

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Gvahim’s Tech Heights, Career Program for software engineers is the only career development program in Israel tailor-made for highly-skilled immigrants, running in Tel Aviv.


The program offers individual HR consultations and active placement in top companies in Israel. With the close guidance of our experts, participants quickly learn how to make the best use of their education and experience while they enter the Israeli job market.


At Gvahim, we have thousands Alumni, with a 91% placement success rate: our Alumni by one year after the end of the program are employed successfully and fulfill their career potential in Israel.


ü  One-on- one HR Career Consultations


ü  CV adaptation to the Israeli Market


ü  Develop a job search strategy including defining the types of positions and companies you want to target


ü  Mentoring by Israeli Professionals


ü  Active job placement in the Israeli market


ü  Placement in top quality Israeli companies

ü  Networking Opportunities


ü  Connect Olim with Israeli professionals



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