Reclaiming Ritual

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Judaism uses rituals as a way to mark milestones in a person's life and to create space for daily mindfulness. We (Jackie, Molly, and Valerie) have made Shabbat dinners a part of our regular weekly practice, and as we've thought about and discussed the Friday night rituals, we've realized that there are so many more practices that might be meaningful in a secular life. For example:

-Eating and food traditions (Do you say prayers before you eat? Do you keep kosher? Why do Jews care so much about food - and do you find meaning in these rituals?)

-Mikvah experiences (Traditionally, mikvahs are used as a ritual cleansing for women. But, can they be used as a more general reset button? What if you chose to use a mikvah before you start a new job or before another milestone?)

-Havdallah (If you regularly host or attend Shabbat dinners, do you also have Havdallah practice? What might you use to transition into the next week?) 

So, let's take the weekend to explore how Jewish daily ritual can have meaning for secular Jews. The weekend will take on a "lab" setup, as we discuss, engage, and try on practices. This Moishe House Peer-Led Retreat will empower participants to make intentional decisions about leading a life framed by Jewish values and ritual. 

Who: 15 people in their 20’s and 30’s

Date: May 11-13

Location: two hours from Washington, DC - check out some pictures below! (Transportation provided)

Cost: $50/person (Includes transportation, accommodation, and food for the weekend)

Note: If cost is a barrier, please reach out. We will not reject anyone on the basis of financial ability. 

NOTE: We will be leaving Friday at 12 pm. If you join us, you will need to take part of the day off on Friday, May 11th. 

Please email with any questions or concerns.

MH logo Retreat is sponsored by Moishe House


If you drive you will be reimbursed for gas.

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