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Information for Police Vetting Purposes

I hereby consent to the disclosure by the New Zealand Police of any information they may have pursuant to this application to Brothers in Arms and its community partners. I understand that any record of criminal conviction I might have will automatically be concealed if I meet the eligibility criteria stipulated in Section 7 of the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004

References are an important part of this application.
Please provide 2 Personal Referees, and 1 Employer Referee (Most recent employer). If applicable also provide a 'Partner' referee. Note: Referees must NOT be a relative.
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Thank you for your interest in volunteer mentoring. Mentoring is a highly relational endeavour, so we want to establish a profile so that if your application is successful, we can make a great match between you and a young person.

Statement of Commitment
Research shows that that failed mentoring relationships (lasting < 6 months) often result in more harm to a young person's development than if no mentoring relationship had begun. Therefore, honouring this commitment is very important.
I have made Brothers in Arms aware of things that may be pertinent to my potential role as a mentor. I understand that by submitting this application I am not guaranteed acceptance as a volunteer with Brothers in Arms or its community partners.
If accepted, I will commit to meeting weekly with a young person for a minimum of 1 year. I understand that dishonoured commitments are detrimental to young people's lives.