Referrer's Agreement

This agreement is to establish and promote a collaborative working relationship between Brothers In Arms (BIA) and the referring party by developing an agreement of good will covering sharing information, case processing, and case management - enhancing the relationship between Brothers in Arms and the referring party in supporting “at-risk” young people.

This agreement does not constitute or create, and shall not be deemed to constitute, any legally binding or enforceable obligations on the part of any party. Either party may terminate the agreement in writing to Brothers in Arms at any time. However, BIA asks that the referring party maintain communication for the duration of any contact they have with a young person that has been referred to BIA.

I understand that: 
- The primary focus of Brothers in Arms is to facilitate quality relationship between the volunteer and the young person. 
- Brothers in Arms volunteers are taught in relationship building and not in social work or counselling. Therefore the volunteer’s role is not to replace a counsellor, social worker, or caregiver for the young person. 
- If Brothers in Arms is made aware of any Care & Protection concerns to the young person, Brothers in Arms will seek to share the information with the referring party. 
- Where legally able, and where helpful for BIA or the BIA volunteer, the referring party will disclose information pertinent to the young person involved with BIA.