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2019 CH Student Application Form

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our College Horizons summer workshop for Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian high school students!

IMPORTANT: This application has multiple parts. Read the instructions below.

Before continuing, review and download the following document. Keep a copy nearby as you complete the application. Share these instructions and the required waivers with your parent and/or guardian.

Application Tutorial and Quick Links
Good luck with your application and we can't wait to read your story!

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Student and School Information

Applicant Basic Info
It is crucial that the info submitted here is correct and complete. Your email address and phone number will be used to book travel to the program if you are admitted. Be sure to let us know if ANY of your information changes after submitting this application by sending an email to apply@collegehorizons.org

Preferred names are any name that you wish us to consistently use in place of your first name during and after the program. We will do our best to use this name on all correspondence sent to you and your home, except where legally required.

Tribal Enrollment and Community

Student Demographics

High School Information

Family Information

This information helps us better understand your home context and is used to communicate with your parents if you are admitted to the program. Include only accurate and complete info.
Family Information

Parent or Guardian 1

Name of Institution Degree Type (BA, MA, PhD, etc) Graduation Year
Degree Attained

Parent or Guardian 2

Name of Institution Degree Type (BA, MA, PhD, etc) Graduation Year
Degree Attained

Sibling Information

Age Education Status College Name Expected Graduation Date (MM/YYYY)

Financial Aid and Program Logistics

Financial Aid
The cost of attendance for the College Horizons summer program is a $450.00 tuition fee (the $50 deposit due with this application goes towards this amount) and the cost of travel (e.g. airfare ticket). College Horizons offers financial aid based on need. To be considered for financial assistance, parents must submit recent tax returns and complete the Parent Financial Summary and Tax Form. Review the application instructions for complete info.

Site Placement
Our goal at College Horizons is to provide program participants with an opportunity to experience life on a residential campus. This exposes our students, many of whom have not experience residential life on a college campus, to life in the dorms, dining halls and classrooms. CH Staff will place you at a site. First, we take into consideration things like distance and cost of travel or whether your school is still in session during a program. Then we build each cohort with diversity in mind (gender, Tribal Nation, high school, grade, etc.). If there is a significant difference in airfares, students who have qualified for travel assistance will be assigned to the site where the cost is least. If and when a student is admitted to the program, we will seek feedback from students who have a conflict with dates and we will try our best to accommodate. However, we simply cannot guarantee a specific site placement.

Airport Information
Please indicate below which major or regional airports are situated nearest your place of residence.
Name of Airport (City, State) Miles from Home
Airport 1
Airport 2
Airport 3

Additional Information

Please indicate the name and contact info for the teacher and counselor who you've asked to submit a recommendation on your behalf.

Technology Survey

College Prep Survey

Short Answer Questions

When answering the following short answer questions be brief, honest and thoughtful in your responses. We read every response so this is your chance to help us understand what makes you unique! Each question has a 250 word limit.
Short Answer Questions

Personal Essay

Tell us about who you are and your hopes/dreams for the future. Do not repeat your responses from your short answer questions, this is an opportunity to tell us another story about yourself. Re-applicants should submit a new essay. We are interested in your academic, personal, and cultural growth since you last applied.


Consider including the following:


• Who you are and your hopes and dreams for the future;

• What gives you passion or makes you happy?

• Hardships you have overcome – what did you learn about yourself?

• Accomplishments you’re most proud of;

• Experiences or people who have made a big impression on you;

• An event that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community, or family;

• What you most like to do for fun;

• Whatever you feel will help us get to know you better.


Be sure to let us know how you are connected to or involved with Native/Indigenous heritage, culture, and community, homelands/villages, or Nations and how a college education might benefit you, your family, your community, and future generations.


 (600 word limit)