OC18 Portland May Camp registration and RSVP

Important information

This is the online registration form for the OC18 May camp - May 4 - 6, 2018. 
  • Everyone is required to register - Members, Callbacks, and new applicants that are auditioning for open spots.
  • The location is at Estacada High School in Estacada, OR.
  • Check-in for the camp is begins at 7PM on Friday night.  Rehearsal will begin at 8PM.
  • The camp will be over by 2PM on Sunday afternoon.
  • The cost of the camp for Callbacks and new applicants is $150. This covers housing at the school, meals, and some great instruction! 
  • If you are a contracted member, the cost for this camp is already included in your Member Fees and do not need to pay for it.  If you need to make a payment on your Member Fees go to: Member Payments.  You can also make a payment at the camp.
  • You are required to arrange your own transportation to camp. There are no shuttles to/from the airport and the school.  See the OC Student Travel Policy for more information or to request assistance with a Ride-share.
    Please provide the information requested below.
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    Camp information

    Missing Camp explanation
    It's very important for all members to be at this camp, or as much of it as possible.
    • Please provide the specific reasons why you will be missing some or all of the camp. 
    • If you are only missing part of the camp, let us know the specific time(s) that you will be missing from camp.
    This information will be sent to the Director and your Caption Head.

    Payment information

    Credit Card processing
    Credit Card payments are processed through our PayPal site.  You do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card.
    Payment due at camp
    Notes or anything else that we should be aware.