All Aboard: Creating an Inclusive Classroom (3 hours) * Evaluation Form    

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If you would like us to send a copy of your certificate to your director or other.
Evaluate the following statements.

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Course Credit
This training may, or may not, meet annual training requirements in your state. Please provide us with your state, and any State registry ID number, and if we are able to record your completed training with your state, we will. In some cases, for annual state credit, you will need to submit the certificate to the appropriate registry and they may or may not award annual credit. The training is approved for the National CDA Credential regardless of whether annual continuing education credit is awarded.

Example: Washington STARS ID number or Illinois Registry Member ID.
Providing a State Registry number to us does not guarantee that your state will approve the training for annual continuing education credit.

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Certificate: Coursework is reviewed by the trainers and student support staff 7 days per week. Please be sure to watch your email for trainer feedback.  If your assignments were adequately completed, you should expect that the turnaround time will be less than 24 hours from the time which you submit the evaluation form until you receive your certificate by email.

Be sure to check your junk mail or spam folder and if you do not receive your certificate within 24 hours, then the email is lost in cyberspace and we will not know that you did not receive it. You will need to provide us with a different email address, such as a new Yahoo email account, to receive your certificate.