Lillian Slutzker Honors College - Application for Admission 

High School/Incoming Students


Before deciding which to apply for, check out the curriculum requirements

1. Honors Scholar 

Open Only to students pursuing the following degree programs:

  • HMT. AA 
  • GEN. AA 
  • MTS. AA general degree
  • MTS. BIO
  • MTS. GEO 
  • COM. AA 
  • EXR. AA 

2. Honors Affiliate 

All qualified Honors Schol applicants will also be considered for this designation. 

Open to students in all degree programs EXCLUDING the following:

  • AUT. AOS
  • CFS. AS 
  • ENS. AS 
  • HIT. AAS 
  • MET. AAS 
  • NUR. AAS 
  • PTA. AAS 


  • Priority registration for classes
  • Exclusive access to small, Honors-designated course sections taught by instructors with a reputation for teaching excellence
  • Keycard access to the Honors College/Phi Theta Kappa Suite (includes space for studying and socializing as well as Honors/PTK faculty offices and access to computers and a printer)
  • Dedicated Honors advisors
  • Honors College Graduate designation on transcript (student MUST complete degree to earn designation)
  • Transfer agreements with honors programs at four-year institutions



  • No out-of-pocket tuition cost with a timely submission by student of appropriate Financial Aid forms and documents
  • Stipend to assist with the cost of books and other classroom-related fees
  • Cultural events series
  • Lillian Slutzker Honors College Scholar on your diploma when you complete the degree and all Honors Scholar requirements
  • A core curriculum focused on the study of the history of ideas and preparation for transfer to highly selective four-year institutions

Honors Scholar Application 

The Lillian Slutzker Honors College at Onondaga welcomes applications for our Honors Scholar cohort (limited to 15 exceptional first-semester freshmen).

A completed application and additional essay questions are required of all Honors Scholar applicants.

A personal interview is required of Honors Scholar applicants forwarded after application review.

The Honors Scholar experience is designed for students who are:

  • Intellectually curious, eager to learn, and ready to confront social, ethical, and political questions and dilemmas
  • Highly motivated and have demonstrated the potential for academic excellence at the post-secondary level
  • Interested in being part of a small, close-knit, and collaborative community of scholars
  • Conscientious, considerate, hard-working, and community-oriented
  • Planning to complete one of the following degree programs at Onondaga Community College: HMT.AA, GEN.AA, MTS.AS general, MTS.BIO, MTS.GEO, COM.AA, and EXR.AS

About Lillian Slutzker:

A native of Budapest, Hungary, Lillian fled Nazi control in Berlin where she was working in 1939 and settled in England. She made her way to Syracuse, NY in 1947 to marry Emmanuel Slutzker, an American serviceman from Rome, NY whom she met at a USO dance in Wales. Lillian and Emmanuel opened Manny’s Apparel Shop on Marshall Street in Syracuse in 1949. The couple managed Manny’s until Emmanuel fell ill in 1976. For nine years Lillian worked 16-hour days at Manny’s while caring for Emmanuel at night until he passed away in 1985. Although Lillian sold the store in 1995, Manny’s remains a beloved institution in the University community.

After selling Manny’s, Lillian remained connected to the Syracuse community. In the 1990’s, Lillian demonstrated her commitment to higher education and her passion for Syracuse University’s athletic programs and international student population by giving over 2.5 million dollars to the school.

The Honors College at Onondaga is proud to bear Lillian’s name. Honors College students emulate her grit, ambition, and commitment to the pursuit of knowledge.

Note: A Student must earn a degree at Onondaga Community College to receive any Honors College Designation. 

All Applicants must submit 
  • two letters of recommendation from someone familiar with your academic work
  • a high school transcript  
Submissions can be made by faxing, emailing, or mailing to:

The Lillian Sluztker Honors College
Onondaga Community College 
4585 West Seneca Turnpike 
Coulter Hall 204 
Syracuse, NY 13215-4585 
Fax: 315-498-2459