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So you want to be a Jack Talks Speaker? Awesome!


The next scheduled training cohort for Jack Talks Speakers is Summer 2019. However, our applications remain open throughout the year and are considered on a rolling basis. Candidates may be contacted to train in advance of Summer 2019 based on our capacity and the area you are from (we occasionally make exceptions in areas that are underrepresented or have exceptionally high demand).

How do Jack Talks work?
The Jack Talks program uses peer-to-peer outreach to teach young people across Canada that we all have mental health and we all need to care for it. Young, trained volunteer speakers share tools, tips, and stories alongside a professionally developed curriculum that helps audiences understand important mental health basics and inspires them to take action. Speakers present wherever youth may gather including high schools, colleges, universities, community centres, and summer camps. By delivering vital information to young audiences, you will help make an otherwise uncomfortable conversation comfortable.

How do I become a speaker?
You must first complete our speaker certification program. This rigorous, online training program has been designed for passionate mental health advocates with all levels of speaking experience and widely varying backgrounds. It will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a “stage ready” Jack Talks Speaker. Upon successful completion, you will be added to our active speaker list and matched to talks that come up in your area throughout the year. We provide ongoing coordination, coaching, and logistical support to ensure your talks have a big impact!

Application Process
The application consists of three components - your contact info, some questions about yourself, and a 2-3 minute video submission. Once your application is started, you can always save and return to it later. Applications will always stay open online but will only be considered on a rolling basis in line with available spots remaining in the program. So get those applications in right away to secure your spot!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of this incredibly impactful program. We look forward to your application and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at talks@jack.org

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Getting started

Note: speakers are typically between 18 and 25 years of age. Occasionally, speakers may fall outside of this age range if they are still able to relate to youth on a peer-to-peer level. If you fall outside of this age group you are welcome to apply and/or contact us to discuss further.

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Tell us about yourself!

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Submit a video!
Please record and upload a 2-3 minute video answering ONE of the following questions, then copy and paste the link below. Demonstrate how you would deliver your message to a high school crowd - stand up and show us your energy!
• What does mental health mean to you and why is it important to talk about?
• How have you been a leader in the mental health movement? Why is youth leadership important?  
• Share a personal experience where you learned something about mental health. This could be a time when your mind was changed, when you realized something important, or when you learned something useful.

Video upload instructions:
• Record a 2-3 minute video with a cell, webcam, or general camera. 
• Upload the file to Youtube or a similar streaming site.
• Set the video to UNLISTED, if you want to keep it private
• Paste the link to the video below

If for any reason you cannot submit a video, please contact talks@jack.org to discuss.