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Terms and Conditions


The FAC’s Bemis School of Art reserves the right to cancel, combine, or reschedule classes to adjust for enrollment. If it is necessary for the FAC’s Bemis School of Art to cancel a class for any reason, all registered participants will be informed as soon as possible and given the opportunity to transfer to another class. If participants do not wish to transfer to another class, an appropriate refund will be processed.



·         The FAC’s Bemis School of Art reserves the right to change class instructors when necessary.

·         The FAC’s Bemis School of Art reserves the right to refuse enrollment to participants with a history of unacceptable behavior.

·         Children under the age of 18 must submit a medical authorization form signed by parent or a legal guardian before attending class.

·         Parents must arrive to pick up their children on time. A childcare fee may be assessed for children waiting more than 15 minutes.

·         We do not pro-rate tuition.

·         Disorderly conduct or misbehavior while on Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center grounds will not be allowed, and disorderly conduct may result in suspension from class.

·         Suspension due to misconduct does not release the student/parent from financial obligation. Parents must arrange for child’s transportation home immediately (as applicable).

·         Use of studios for commercial production work is not allowed.

·         Studios are reserved for the use of registered students only.

·         Tuition fees are for the entire scheduled course regardless of attendance. No refunds or make-up classes will be given for absences.

Withdrawal and Refund Policies

·         Notice of withdrawal must be received no later than one week prior to the first day of class at the FAC’s Bemis School of Art front desk.

·         There is a $20 withdrawal fee for FAC members ($15 withdrawal fee and $5 registration fee) and a $30 withdrawal fee for non-members ($15 withdrawal fee and $15 registration fee) per class.

·         We do not pro-rate tuitions.

·         Failure to attend sessions, or verbal notification to the instructor will not be regarded as an official notice of withdrawal. NO refunds will be given to participants who elect to withdraw from a class once it has begun.

·         Returned checks will not be honored for any reason and will be subject to a $15 NSF charge and subject to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

·         Transfers are limited to one per participant and a fee of $15 will be charged. NO transfers after the first day of class.

·         Publicity waiver: unless informed otherwise in writing, the FAC’s Bemis School of Art considers photographs taken of students and their artwork to be permissible for publication in Fine Arts Center and Bemis School of Art informational and promotional publications, including the website.

Medical Care Authorization

In the event of illness or injury, you hereby authorize the staff of the FAC’s Bemis School of Art to act as your agent in obtaining medical care for the Students listed on this form.


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