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CW logo Certified Welcoming Scholarship Announcement and Application Form

Welcoming America is offering a full scholarship to the Certified Welcoming program for 3  local governments (city or county, only). Selected applicants will receive a waiver for Certified Welcoming fees, an award total of  $12,000. 


Scholarship recipients will receive:

  • Technical assistance with completing the self-assessment
  • Opportunities to connect with other local governments who are in the process or have become Certified Welcoming
  • A comprehensive analysis and detailed report demonstrating your local government and community's strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Coaching on developing and implementing audit action plans
  • Once Certified, governments will receive branded marketing materials and communications support for making an announcement

Interested parties must complete this form and provide a letter of support by 9am Eastern Time on January 24, 2022.

Introduction to the Welcoming Standard and Certified Welcoming

To support the growth and development of welcoming communities, Welcoming America created the Welcoming Standard. The Welcoming Standard  identifies the smart local policies, programs, and partnerships that create more welcoming and inclusive communities.  The Welcoming Standard also serves as the backbone of the  Certified Welcoming program, a formal recognition for cities and counties that meet the core criteria in the Welcoming Standard.

Certified Welcoming benefits your community and welcoming work by providing the following:

  • A comprehensive analysis and detailed report demonstrating your strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Tools to set strategic priorities, build deeper partnerships, and gain further commitment in your community
  • The opportunity to draw upon social, civic, and economic benefits of building a more welcoming community
  • An opportunity to designate and market your community to businesses, investors, and the public as meeting the highest bar in welcoming

An eligible applicant for this program must:

  • Be a city or county government.
  • Have a staff member responsible for immigrant inclusion and welcoming work. (note, the staff member may have other responsibilities as well)
  • Demonstrate capacity to complete the certification process.

Applications are due by January 24, 2022 by 9am Eastern Time. 


Scholarship awardees will be notified by January 28, 2022.

Email Melissa Bertolo at certified@welcomingamerica.org with questions on this scholarship and Certified Welcoming. For additional information about the Welcoming Standard and Certified Welcoming, visit certifiedwelcoming.org
CW logoCertified Welcoming Scholarship Announcement and Application Form
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