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If you want to make facts go viral, apply to be a TruthBuzz Fellow.

We are only accepting applications for the United States. We have already identified Fellows in Brazil, India, and Nigeria. Applications are due by October 8, 11:59pm (EST). 


Please note, saving your application does not mean it has been submitted. Once the application is submitted, you will receive a thank you pop-up (not email).  


If you have any questions or problems with the online form, please contact Alexsandra Canedo at acanedo@icfj.org or Cassandra Balfour at cbalfour@icfj.org.


All applicants must fill out all three pages of the application to be considered.

Summary Sheet
Personal Data
Primary Home Address
Public Engagement Experience
Language Skills

Please score yourself in proficiency in English, using the following scale:

1 - Elementary Proficiency-Able to satisfy routine travel needs and minimum courtesy requirements

2 - Limited Working Proficiency-Able to satisfy routine social demands and limited work requirements

3 - Minimum Professional Proficiency-Able to use language with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to participate effectively in most conversations on practical, social and professional topics

4 - Full Professional Proficiency-Able to use the language fluently and accurately on all levels pertinent to professional needs

5 - Native or Bilingual Proficiency-Equivalent to that of an educated native speaker


Professional Background and Work Samples

Applicants for an ICFJ TruthBuzz Fellowship are required to provide two work samples. Please submit a URL to your work or upload the document as a PDF file. 

Although the work samples can be reported articles, we strongly prefer for you to submit examples of digital projects you've led or played a key role in. For example, a communications strategy or an app you've developed. 

If any work sample is not in English, please provide a brief summary that explains the work. 


Work Sample One
Work Sample Two
Professional References

Applicants for an ICFJ TruthBuzz Fellowship are required to provide three references who can comment on the applicant's skills, management and leadership qualifications.

Reference One
Reference Two
Reference Three


All applicants must submit a proposal. If selected as a TruthBuzz Fellow, what types of projects would you like to work on? Please outline the steps you would take and include a timeline.

Proposal tip: It is imperative that your proposal be concise, clear and to the point in order to help us understand your vision. If we feel your proposals is a strong match to our mission and goals, we will likely work with you to clarify and refine it further.

Fellowship Proposal:

Note: we are currently identifying some targeted partners and resources. If selected, it is not guaranteed that you will work with partners you list. Regardless, all applicants are still required to complete this section in order for ICFJ to understand your vision.


Statement of Understanding

I, the undersigned, understand and agree that the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), as program administrator, is under no obligation to select me or any other applicant for the ICFJ TruthBuzz Fellowships program. If selected to be an ICFJ TruthBuzz Fellow, I will agree to the premises and conditions set forth in the following statement:

1. As a precondition for participation, I agree to: 

  • be present for the entirety of the orientation designated by the administrator;
  • work with the local media outlets and other organizations to fashion a compatible and impactful program in the designated country; 
  • adhere to all ICFJ policies and procedures;
  • submit all program outcome and financial reports required by the fellowships program, the former for possible publication by the fellowship program (the program administrator and sponsor retain the rights to the reports).

2. I will be responsible for my own passport arrangements and may be asked to assist with other logistical arrangements related to my specific assignment as determined by the program administrator.

3. The program administrator will pay for fellowship-related expenses and honorarium as agreed to upon acceptance of offer by the selected fellowship candidate.

4. If I am selected and accept an ICFJ TruthBuzz Fellowship, I and the program administrator will enter into a final and binding agreement prior to beginning the program.

5. If I am selected and accept an ICFJ TruthBuzz Fellowship, I will permit my likeness to be used in ICFJ promotional material. This can be in print or electronic form.

6. In applying for an ICFJ TruthBuzz Fellowship, I agree to all the conditions set forth in the enclosed application information and understand that, if I am selected, my fellowship may be terminated at any time for cause, as determined by the program administrator.

7. I confirm that all statements in this application are true.

Self-Identification (Optional)

ICFJ is committed to equal opportunity. For informational purposes only, you are invited to identify yourself in certain categories. Please note that you are under no obligation to complete this section. The information or decision not to provide information in this section will not be used as a factor in considering your application.