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Business Volunteers’ mission is to bring the talent of individual and business professionals to local nonprofit organizations. Our goal is connect volunteers to organizations on a variety of levels while also providing support to increase capacity and productivity.

Thank you for your interest in being of service to school leaders in Baltimore and to the students and families they work with every day.

Please complete the following application to be considered as a candidate for an A+ Advisory Board.

A+ Advisory Boards are groups of professionals who lend their talents, skills, and connections to support a Baltimore City school principal and their staff to improve the educational experiences and outcomes for students and families. A+ Advisory Board Members serve in three ways as:
  • Ambassadors: By advocating for the school and leveraging networks
  • Advisors: By offering professional skills and acting as a 'think tank'
  • Action Teams: By fundraising and providing hands-on support
For more information about the A+ Advisory Board program, please visit the Business Volunteers website or reach out to us directly at

Basic Information 

The next two questions are optional. Your answers will support our aims to create advisory boards that are as diverse as possible.

Volunteer Availability, Preferences & Networks

Thank you for completing the A+ Advisory Board Member Interest Form!

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