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Welcome to the 2019-2020 Faith for Life:  Registration for Confirmation Sacramental Preparation!  

Preparation at St. Joseph’s: Diocese of Rochester sacramental policies require that children be attending  Catholic school or be involved in faith formation the year of and the year prior to the year in which the sacrament is received. The family should be attending weekend Mass on a regular basis and able to attend all of our preparation sessions.

Fee for the two year Confirmation Sacramental Preparation is $50 per child.

Confirmation: Confirmation preparation begins no earlier than 8th grade and is a two year process of coming to know Jesus and being formed in discipleship. The candidates should been in Faith Formation or Catholic School the year prior to and the year of Confirmation with the sacrament conferred no earlier than 9th grade. Candidates will receive a significant part of their Confirmation Preparation through their Catholic School Education or through Youth Group meetings.  Additionally, all candidates for Confirmation will participate in some parish-specific sessions through the Youth Ministry offerings. Preparation dates to be announced. 


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NOTE: Should your child develop other medical concerns, please notify the Faith Formation Office immediately to update the medical information on file.

We love to highlight our children and their families as we move through the year. We appreciate the opportunity to use candid photographs in presentations and promotional material published in the parish and school facilities including our websites, bulletins, presentations and worship services from time to time. Thank you!

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You can also call the parish office at 1.585.586.8089. Thank you.