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For simplicity, please choose a primary contact for your project. We will use this information to contact your team via a mailing list so pay attention to your inbox!

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Fill out the questions below to tell us all about your project. We encourage you to send screenshots and videos to help illustrate your answer to quoting your main contact's name and project. 

Give us a brief overview of your project, what your software aims to achieve, what issue you're tackling etc...

E.g. make academic research more efficient; cost savings for companies by automating a process...

What makes your software unique or better compared to other solutions?

What information will they need to input? What is the intended workflow? How easy have you made the user experience?

This is your chance to include information on your project that you think would be useful but didn't fit the other sections.

PLEASE NOTE: as part of Proof-of-Concept grant process, each team will need to nominate a member of Imperial Staff as the official grant recipient. If you are an all-student team, this could be a lecturer or tutor. You DO NOT NEED to nominate this academic supervisor at this point, but please be aware that, should your project be successful, this will be a requirement in future.